Ticats don't have a team.....

What they have is a group of elite players that aren't playing as a unit, some are but most are playing as individuals. Certainly no cohesion here, not too many players in synch.
That is the head coach's responsibility. Can't help but wonder what has changed since game 5 when it appeared they were starting to gel.
Been a Ticats fan for over 50 years but it is getting more difficult to watch the regression of this team.

The defense has never gelled. Remember that home opener?

They have now pulled the offense down to their shameful level.

It's pretty sad when a team plays the way they did today and player has to celebrate a tackle once, then watch it on the screen and celebrate again. No worries on half of them there today, they're all about their individual performances.


Just heard Avon Coborne on the 5th quarter.
He expects we will "whup" Edmonton next week. But then he added..." I hope I am on the field."
If that doesn't show how bad things are on this team....I don't know what does.
Avon should have been on the field carrying and catching the ball in every game since he came back, instead of watching the game from the sidelines! Same with Stala. The offence needs those guys to be on the field with Chris Williams.

Reminded me of the sad display of Giguere celebrating all by himself in the endzone, even doing that little jump & bump up into no one. Sad..

Reading the spectator yesterday, Bob Young seems to think there is nothing wrong with this team. Doh!
Not sure what team he's watching! Listening to the 5th quarter on chml, and heard laughing in the locker room during a player interview. Wonder what's so funny? Could be this team is the joke! :oops:

Couldn't agree more!

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/794035--so-what-s-wrong-with-the-ticats]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... the-ticats[/url]
“But we also knew, and we still know, that we were going to be a much better team in the second half of the season. ?
And with the start of the second half of the season, the Ti-Cats give up one of, if not [b][i]the[/i][/b], worst performance of the year.

I missed that one but yes, a one man jump and bump is a lonely looking thing.

Some of these guys should be working more on their skill set instead of their TD celebrations.

Well Giguere is excellent at standing and waiting for the ball, watching the defender get to it.

He's also good at running half speed.

Stala must love watching that from the sidleine