Ticats don’t plan on re-signing Andy Fantuz

Ticats don’t plan on re-signing Andy Fantuz
Posted on April 24, 2018 by Drew Edwards // 11 Comments

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats do not have plans to re-sign free agent Canadian receiver Andy Fantuz.
The 34-year-old played in just three games last season making six catches for 44 yards after coming back from a torn ACL suffered in October, 2016.
The Ticats have five Canadian receivers currently on the roster and plan to start only one among their seven nationals (likely Shamawd Chambers.) The team also has Mike Jones, who made 11 starts last year, newcomer Akeem Haynes (earning early rave reviews for his speed) as well as Felix Flaubert-Lussier and Giovanni Aprile.
They also have a slew of picks in the upcoming CFL Draft which has a number of quality receiving prospects. That leaves little space for Fantuz, who has played 12 seasons in the league while putting up excellent numbers.
While Fantuz could be part of the teams plans at some point – if he’s still available – the Ticats are going to go with their current talent for now.


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Money issue??
Dude is a gamer

I’ll miss Andy. He was steady and reliable, and an asset to the club. Almost a guaranteed 5-7 yards on second down.

Time to move on to his life-long career?

I guess we will be drafting Chapman at #2 or Petermann at #10
Maybe they don't want to insult Andy by offering a contract that is half of what he made last season??

That is of course unless Montreal doesn't beats us to the punch and drafts Chapman at #1 . From what I've read they seem to be quite high on him . Even if we don't get Chapman at #2 I think we will still have a great shot at Petermann in the #10 slot . I'm thinking though that with 5 of the top 20 picks that we may see a trade or two come draft day .

I've stated this many times before and now that it's official that Andy won't be back I feel it's all the more imperative that we draft at least one or two quality wr's in this draft to upgrade one of our weakest positions on this team . Chambers is our only quality reliable Cdn wr currently on the roster . It gets really scary after that when you look at who we currently have behind him on the depth chart with the likes of Jones or Aprile (anybody has to be better than these two have shown) . I'm thinking that one guy who we should perhaps keep an eye on in this years TC is Jacob Scarfone who attended camp after we drafted him last year before going back to Guelph for his final season .

Trade a draft pick to BC Lions for Danny Vandervoort.

Based on the amount of Canadian receivers we currently have, and the excellent O-Line national depth we currently have, too, I don't think those positions will be a priority in the draft for us.

I think we will be going D with most of our top picks (DL, LB, DB).

Everyone past Chambers is not a standout. They need a Canadian receiver to be a reliable and productive backup for Chambers.

I would say more LB and DB then DL . I think we are currently sitting in pretty good shape depth wise on the DL when it comes to Cdns . Laurent-dt and Cappicotti-de pencilled in as starters with both of last yrs draft picks back as depth in McGough-de and Vaughan-dt .

I can on the other hand see us drafting a LB/DB or two in this draft as these two positions usually make up a large portion of the makeup of the special team units traditionally used by this team .

Hard to say right now Bobo. Kazoo told the National press at the State of the franchise phone conference that his Matrix says that he must draft Oline and Dline... Personally I think he wants to trade out of the spot. He may not have the CAP space to spend on a #1 pick the way agents have gone nuts the last few years. I

Or, they aren't offering Fantuz a contract for half of what he made last year because they fear he might actually ACCEPT it!

He's done... time to move on.

Seymour. He may not be as done as you think.

Kind of like how you take every opportunity to insult our coach? Talk about disrespectful.

Yes OUR coach, as in mine and yours. Proven player vs an unproven CFL coach

I think his injury problems play into this no small amount. Very frustrating when your "star" player is always sidelined.

The Thread is about Andy Fantuz, not about the coaches..................

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I wonder whose idea it was to designate Andy as “retired? last season? Presumably he can un-retire if he wants to play somewhere else.

Is this just a category of players? For example, didn't Kackert retire from the Argos, sign on as the strength coach, and then when healthy, "unretire" and go back on the active roster?

I wonder if by being retired, a player is no longer included on the roster count, but at the same time, I would think he is not allowed to practice with the club as a "practice roster" player might do.

He un-retired and signed with the ti-cats on September 18, 2017, played in 3 games catching 6 passes. Obviously he was only signed to a 1 yr contract last year and is now a free agent.

I'm talking about a later transaction, which happened before the season ended.

Nov 1 HAM TRF TO RETIRED NAT Aaron CRAWFORD (LS) Saint Mary’s HAM TRF TO RETIRED NAT Andrew FANTUZ (WR) Western University