Ticats dominate second half to down Elks on Thursday

EDMONTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats scored 24 unanswered points between the second and third quarter in the eventual 37-29 win over the Edmonton Elks at Commonwealth Stadium on Thursday.

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Well after that lousy coached team of the ELKS in tonight’s game Chris Jones should be gone from both his positions- it’s time for some new blood there!


If not then you gotta wonder how BAD things have to get for the Elks to finally ditch him.

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As a Ti-Cat fan I am very happy that the CFL predictors were wrong - 4 out of 6 picked the Elks and so did the broadcast panel, The Cats played a good game and deserved the win. Some Elks fans are blaming the coach - I get their anger - but look at the players who made dumb penalties and who dropped the ball.

Anyway to all of the Tiger Cat fans out there - - - Oskee-Wee-Wee! Eat’em Raw!


Let’s hope that your next man up at quarterback can get the job done.

Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, you can still hear the sounds of digging. Wpg, BC, Wpg up next. Put me down for 0-9.


There’s ONE Elks fan who’s not blaming the coach but that’s his mom.


I know the players on Edmonton played bad some are saying don’t blame the coach. Jones built this team , Jones is coach and GM .


Well I just heard an article with president Victor and he said that Jones contract pays him for the full 4 years and not 4 one year contracts , and that if he fired Jones , the team is on the hook for the remaining of the contract of 4 years , so that being said I think we are stuck with jones for the long haul with the salary cap for coaches , I could be wrong though

Well come to think of it, there might be an easier way.

After another sore loss, for therapy and to clear his mind, Chris Jones could use a wilderness retreat in perhaps, oh I will just choose randomly Calling Lake, Alberta.

Of course we are open to suggestions for other locations in northern Alberta.

An experienced guide should take him out there of course after the helicopter drop.

And then he should simply leave him.

I’m not sure how the cellular phone service is out there, but then we probably won’t hear from him again so that’s that and he’ll probably find a way to escape all our madness way out there anyway.

A major problem gone is half way to a better solution!


Something something lawyers and force majeure - I would leave it to the best legal minds to figure out ways to modify existing contracts or have certain provisions voided given the situation.

It happens all the time.

No contract is strictly frozen in time no matter what could happen in the world.

Your wilderness retreat scenario got me thinking…

Perhaps he should come back. If he happened upon a dark yurt he should look inside and say “Aaron?”

If he hears a yes then he must drag that person back to Edmonton and make him his new QB.


I’m afraid I am going to have to vote against your otherwise prudent and forthright proposal, sir.

I was inspired for my wilderness retreat idea by the YouTube channel of Mr. Ballen, who tells great stories about all the people who have gone missing in the woods for decades with many mysteries unsolved.

Let’s hear other ideas no doubt, but for now we’ll stick with Plan A - wilderness retreat therapy for Chris Jones this weekend.

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I don’t know that Hamilton dominated; if you look at both Hamilton and Edmonton, you see their points scored dwarfed by their points allowed. That, to me, indicates a bottom dweller team.

I would venture that Hamilton winning last week against Ottawa was largely due to Masoli having to be replaced by a rookie.

Anyway, advanced predictions for the next two weeks:

  • Hamilton loses to Toronto and Edmonton loses to Winnipeg.
  • Hamilton - Ottawa toss up and Edmonton home loss against Vancouver
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If that is Jones’ contract, someone got sold prime swamp land and liked it.

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No doubt, and I think this post could help provide more grounds for my “therapeautic wilderness retreat” idea for Chris Jones.

Kidding aside, I don’t think anybody but the lawyers for each side really knows all that is in that contract and then every contract has some out(s) and then it’s a matter usually of not “if” but how much.

The helecopter drop alone should be enough to at least break both of his legs

Sorry about the Elks , I have a very good friend who is an Edmonton fan and he feels really bad about the Elk situation.
I read an article where Edmonton President - Victor Cui stated he could not afford to replace Chris Jones for 2 very good reasons beside his buy out.

  1. no one presently on the Elk Coaching staff are ready as intern GM/Coach
  2. The Elks are still paying the last GM & HC they fired before Jones. They presently are short about 1/2 $ million from what other teams have to spend on Operations
    Fan attendance is at an all time low and he is running out of ideas to attract fans.
    I fear that the Elks are in such dire state that the league might lose them. That is not what this league needs, we need another team not lose any.
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Yeah…but that’s a reflection of the discipline instilled by the coach and his assistants…or not!!!

Ah well I don’t want anybody hurt though, but yes I do want him to just get lost and this is a quicker and cheaper way as well.