Ticats discussed Zach Collaros trade with Riders, received offer from Argos

Hamilton has discussed trading quarterback Zach Collaros with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and received a substantial offer from the Toronto Argonauts, per sources.
Prior to the 29-year-old being benched by new Ticats head coach June Jones, Hamilton was presented with a potential deal from the Argos that would have included three Canadians and a high draft pick. Since Collaros was demoted that proposal fell by the wayside and his trade value has since diminished.
Toronto would be a logical landing spot for Collaros for a number of reasons. Former Ticats offensive coordinator Tommy Condell, now a receivers coach with Toronto, is known to have a close relationship with his former player. Collaros also played in a Marc Trestman-style offensive system while in Toronto under Scott Milanovich and Marcus Brady, who is still with the club, the latter was the offensive coordinator for the Argos in 2013 when Collaros burst onto the CFL scene.

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I wonder who is source is. Totally unwarranted to report a rumour that will certainly effect how Zach feels. Totally don't agree with this if it's true. The entire team has been pathetic for two seasons and not the QB's fault alone.

I almost hope he goes to Toronto and he kills us.

I want him here with a new coaching staff next season.

Agree. Can we all say Anthony Calvillo. IF true another salary dump

Some Blue guy fans are already talking bout resigning him on a much cheaper contract once he gets run out of town here...they know us so well lol

This whole year just sucks, I would have never guessed just two years ago we'd be talking bout trade rumours involving Zach. I understand it because the team seems like they're going into pure self destruct mode and Collaros is making a ton of dough as apparently the backup now, but a big part of me would like to stick it out with Zach.

At same time, excited to see what Masoli is able to do. At end of the day I unfortunately see a move for Zach being what's best for him, and I fully expect him to burn us and many other teams in a new environment. I also sadly see the Argos snapping him up real quick if Ray indicates he's ready to retire...although that dude can still play when he's healthy.

This is how it unravels. Wow.

This team is a joke right now. The football ops have no clue. They let Zach go and its the biggest blunder of them all. Give the guy a game plan and offence that allows him to be successful. Every team knows all they have to do is blitz and pressure because nobody on this team runs the ball.

I'm not saying we should deal him but... he has disappointed. Big time!

Highly overpaid. Austin is and was stupid to have a contract like that with a player. The contract should have been performance based. Base salary with incentives and performance based.

Reilly makes 500k+... is that stupid?

If this is true then this has become a huge joke and its on us fans!

Sure he has struggled as has the entire team!

He has no game plan!

He has no running game!

He has no receivers!

He has NO frickin Offensive line!

This madness has to end


No, hes won a grey cup and is the best QB in the cfl. Zach was a 1 year wonder.

Good looking kid, tho. He could have been a wonderful poster boy for the team.

At the time of the signing Zach was worth it... and Reilly was going 7 of 19 for 70 yards against Orlondo steinauers defence. Reilly was also one hit away from missing extended time every time he stepped on the field.

However... if you want to lend me your delorian I can speak to which QB we should sign next that would help.

And don't disrespect Bo Mitchell with the best in the league comment.

That would be a HUGEEE mistake there is as mentioned reasons why he is playing poorly mostly not his doing ! They would be just trying to dump a large salary that's it . Masoli I believe is the solution NOW with this situation we are in . But with this retarded management who knows ?!$

I remember vividly Anthony Calvillo fumbling the ball by himself a couple of times, botching hand offs, throwing picks and being run out of town, it is eerily similar to what is going on now, he was terrible here - some times you aren't going to work it out without a change of scenery. He was actually boo'd out of Ivor Wynn. Zach has been cut a tonne of slack to this point - enough to allow the current circus to happen.

Guess that explains why other teams are clamouring to take on that contract. They must be just as stupid.

Or ... could the stupid one be the guy who continues to post the same crap, even in a thread that directly refutes his claim?

He's disappointed. No one can deny that. He is also being paid based on his performance in that one year. If we can unload his contract, why not?

I didn't say we shouldn't. (Although I think we'd be crazy to do it)

I said people should stop saying stupid things that are directly contradicted by information in the very same thread.

Re : "I said people should stop saying stupid things that are directly contradicted by information in the very same thread. "

Fair enough.

Re : "I think we'd be crazy to do it"


KevinR: It's so rare that the Ticats have an elite-level QB in his prime.

Last time was McManus (98-01 era). Before that Allen (arguably, but for just one year). Before that Clements.

That's how hard they are to find. Once a decade, in our case. And we certainly don't produce them ourselves.

I'm just not convinced Collaros has mysteriously lost all his abilities. There are too many other things wrong with the team to conclude that. We could regret a move like this for years.