Right there is various minor injuries like Ryan hinds is our canadian corner back that won't play
and Greg peach is our new defensive end that is injured and won't play

I am surprised to see webb at safety as collins usually plays there and I am wondering about collins status i know thomas is injured but not sure about collins
these defensive backs ( s, johnson and wilkins will get a close look
our linebackers to start are the same as always with jamal johnson . rey williams and markieth knowlton ..and they are the best tandem in the league
we shall keep a close eye on joseph and eiben to see who is best for backup and the rest will be watched closely to see who makes the team for specialty teams like carter jean mary, kanya ....i am sure we can only keep 1 of those 3 and 1 of joseph or ike brown or nullock

on the offensice line our center hage appears to be not healthy enough yet so o'neill will start there for now..husband will get a shot in oniells spot and he may be over matched
belton johnson and simmons will be the tackles with lots of good competition from hennesyy and Claytor and Dile ..1 of thise 3 will be on the reserve list

the big musular fast new canadian from the NFL giguere will start as WIDE RECEIVER which is incredible and something to watch closely
chrisi williams will be ther other wide receiver with duwalt a good looking new guy backing him up

bkari grant starts at the sb inside reciever position with a logjam of good competitors behind him in kelly and onrea jones
seems kelly or onrea jones will make the team along with duwalt with one of the 3 going to the reserve list and likely jeffers and murphy being let go ..just my guess right now

fantuz starts at the other inside receiver position with stalla backing him up ad twerrence jeffers being a good one there

burris and porter will get all of the playing time at qb

and chevan walker will get most of the running bacl time with colburne not ready yet and berezik will get a bit too
we will have to watch powell and crable closely at defensice end and it looks like boudreau is only playing
because peach is hurt we should watch rose, mclewan and steele closely too
curious to see forbes not in there and also curious that rose is starting in teh side that steele plays which implies they may be looking at an all import line ..suprised to see powell over crable on the depth chart ..

Burris and Porter will play the first half only. Forcier and LeFevour will play in the second half.