1. Does anyone know what the plan is now for Jiminez and whether he will play anymore this year . He is a free agaent next year . I do recall Simmons getting manhandled by Winnipeg this year .

  2. Anyone have any idea if Hinds will be back for the Argo game as well as jamal johnson and chris williams ?
    ANy idea who gets dropped f Hinds is back ? Bo Smith Marcel Youg ? are Turrel # 18 and Means competig for one job ? I'd like to see them both ou there with Hinds and Dee #19

  3. I have been impressed with Rose at DT as he was all over the field clogging up the middle against the run and generating apash rush ..he is a ball hawk .....if hinds and jamal plays then i hope that means Rose plays too .

  4. Do we think they are going to try to use new rb Porter in the same way they did with Terry Grant ? I hope so .

  5. When Williams is healthy is it abattle between Aron Kelly and B . grant for a starting spot ....who would you start ? maybe the saskatchewan and tronto games may amswer these questions ....they will likley g to both of these guys often ..i'd like to see them go to stalla a bit more get him hot

You're asking things only the coaches can answer.

  1. Jiminez is playing tomorrow, but not starting.
  2. Drew said all three players you inquired about are close to returning.
  3. Rose impressed everyone
  4. Porter isn't playing tomorrow. Time will tell.
  5. C. Williams will have his regular spot at SB when he returns.

Thanks for your answers OCKHAM :slight_smile:

You are welcome. I'm sure most fans kick these questions around and where better than here to discuss them?

Just because Jimenez is on the 46 man roster doesn't mean he'll be dressed tomorrow. He was on it last week as well, but ended up on the reserve. Do you have confirmation from the coaches that he'll be dressed?

I suspect you correct about Williams. It would be hard for the coaches to explain why they would bench their top receiver if he were not injured. Especially when you consider that he's our top receiver even after not playing in three games.

Neither Marcel nor Obie has called me to confirm, but I'll be shocked if Jiminez doesn't take to the field tomorrow.

If we are not allowed to discuss things like this then what's the point of this forum?

That’s what the forums are for. But sometimes opinions are stated as fact, which may confuse simpler minds. I was almost sure you were stating your opinion, but as it was stated as fact, I questioned you.

And actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimenez is benched for another week, if only to show him, and the rest of the players, that it’s the coaches’ team. After all, it’ sort of meaningless game.

Good thing we have you around, to do the thinking for us "simpler minds"


I hope Jimenez is playing as I want the best protection for our QB's on the field for our remaining 5 games!!!! :slight_smile:

Crossed the line with that comment, I guess. :oops: But I stand by my point of opinion stated as fact. Ockham's statement that "Jimenez is playing tomorrow" should have been qualified as his opinion, in my opinion. Am I wrong?

2 wrongs don't make a right!


But yea..his post should have concluded with an IMO

In my opinion, which I'm 99.9% sure in this case is fact, the above statement is incorrect.

If Jiminez plays tomorrow, he will start. If he's not starting, he's not dressing.
The Ticats don't dress an import backup o-lineman.

I can't say based on this week's published depth chart whether he will play or not, because on last week's he was listed as the starter but obviously didn't play.

Point of order: it's my opinion Jiminez is playing but not starting tomorrow. I base this opinion on the Depth Chart.

Imagine if we conducted ourselves like an Occupy General Assembly?

Based on this tweet by Mrs. Jimenez, I don't think that Jason is even in Regina: https://twitter.com/#!/Mrs60Nikki/statu ... 5244732416

I guess that puts to rest any idea that he's playing today.

Sounds like she's not interested in watching the game or pulling for the team.

I fear this is getting out of control.
If a head coach cannot bench a player because of forced stated performance issues for fear of a spouse tweeting information to the general public and next it gets into the local papers it becomes a serious problem.
The team has a very strict communications policy for obvious reasons.
A very good player was uncerimoniously canned from the team over tweeting violations during training camp.
Mrs. Jimenez might just be tweeting her husband right out of a job!
Other teams may think twice about taking him if they also acquire what comes with the package.

That's a distinct possibility. Jiminez already comes with baggage (numerous flags) so improper tweeting won't help.

He's still on the depth chart, although I'm not sure how last minute changes are handled. Maybe our favourite beat reporter could put down the Western Pizza and find out for us.

Since Jimenez has been here, I haven't really been impressed with him. He gets beat quite often and he takes the stupidest penalties at the worst times. I like Belton way better. Simmons has not been great either. In the off-season, we need to really look at our o-line because this year and last year they haven't been able to create holes for our running game. This year the protection has also been a problem.