TiCats Depth Chart @ WPG

That would permit having Quinn take Chambers's spot, for some plays, with our 2 little speedsters on the field, at the same time, as wideouts. Or, if Mueller isn't named the INT Reserve, we might see him in Capicciotti's spot, at times. I expect Faubert-Lussier and maybe Emanuel Davis to be the 2 who don't dress. If Davis does dress, as a back-up this game, then either Mueller or Cooper would have to be scratched. I'm looking forward to seeing Green again, Quinn and anyone else dressing for the first time, and also how the shifting in the secondary works out.

"Go home Jake, you're drunk!"

TSN play-by-play: Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor
Referee: Al Bradbury
Weather: Clear, 15 degrees, winds out of the Southwest at 25 km/h.

No one is trading for Emanuel Davis. He’s had some good games as a Cat, but has been banged up for the past year or so, and has dropped off, performance-wise, IMO. Lolley wouldn’t say it, but Davis is probably sitting this week because ofDavis’ part in Ray shreddingour secondary late in the 4th quarter last week.

Buzz Lightyear as Head Ref. Perfect, somewhere down the food chain Bradbury and Ireland must be biological twins. They are both absolutely useless.

So, after last week's fiasco will this game be properly refereed? Will they over compensate for/against Cats? Will they just F*** up the whole game?

No game not be properly refereed they hate Hamilton tiger cats but go cats go

It's been confirmed that he is.
The NAT reserve is D'Aguilar.