TiCats Depth Chart @ WPG

Willie Quinn on KR / PR and Kanneh at SAM
Starting 9 NAT's :slight_smile:
Leonard bumps E Davis :-\

4 of our 7, 2017 draft picks are on the Game Day roster. 8)

Aultman to 6 gm IL

Key injuries and roster changes: Veteran running back C.J. Gable was traded to Edmonton this week, ending his five-year tenure with the club. Alex Green, who had 140 yards in a win over B.C. two weeks ago, takes over the starting role. Canadian defensive tackle Ted Laurent returns from injury while the diminutive Willie Quinn – he’s 5-foot-5 – makes his first CFL start in place of the injured Demarr Aultman. Veteran defensive backs Demond Washington (injury) and Emanuel Davis (coach’s decision) are out this week as Hamilton revamps their secondary.


Jeremiah Masoli: Has started the last 5 games and led the Ti-Cats to a 3-2 record. In those three wins, two have come via 4th Quarter comebacks - Masoli has now engineered FOUR 4th Quarter comeback victories in his 7 wins as a starter across 2016-17. His W-L record for Hamilton 7-6 since the start of 2016 (7-7 overall). All other Hamilton QBs are 3-15 as starters in that time. Masoli's interception-free streak is now up to 77 straight throws without one.

Jay Langa & Geoff Hughes: Langa set a season-high for any Ti-Cat and a career personal best with 4 ST Tackles last week. He has increased his season total in each of his 3 years (2015: 8, 2016: 10 & 2017: 16) and ran4 in the CFL. Hughes has 7 ST Tackles in the last 3 games and is up to 11 in 2017, 9 more than in his rookie season of 2016.

For the first time in four years, the shortest guy on our active roster will not have the initials BB!

All of our international receivers this week are under six feet, with Tasker being the tallest. Does that seem odd to anyone else?

Is E Davis hurt or has he been benched? I know he didn’t look great the last couple of games. I did see him standing behind Jones during the Argo game last week, & wondered why he wasn’t in then.

Not if you buy into the run and shoot. Small and fast beats tall and slower.
Best get used to this as this is what JJ wants.

According to Drew Edwards it is a Coach's decision

Veteran defensive backs Demond Washington (injury) and Emanuel Davis (coach’s decision) are out this week as Hamilton revamps their secondary.


With the trade deadline upcoming could Davis' name be added to the Gerbear potential trade list of Collaros and Laurent

Seems to me that he's benched. The problem is that he's almost always lined up against the league's best Slot Backs, and they are going to get their share of receptions; just as Davis gets his share of passed defended (or coverage so good that there is no pass)...

I find it interesting that Kanneh is still not playing at the HB position that made him famous. They had him at CB last week, and now that both of last week's HBs are out, he moves to SAM LB.

Similarly, Leonard gets moved from the CB position where he's had so much success, into one of the HB spots.

It would have seemed logical to keep leonard at the cb spot where has been outstanding.Unamba had been playing cb well and though kanneh was listed as half back on the depth chart he actually played sam and brooks played halfback

i think they wanted leonard to move into the tough spot that davis was in

Another thing...we are starting 8 non imports when we only have to start 7 .....Shows me that we don't have any good de's to replace capicioitti

it should be interesting to see how are db's play as they all have played well this year ...

also should be interesting to see how quinn returns kicks and he might get some plays on offence.

I agree sitting davis and aultman ..though they put aultman on 6 week injury list

I really think we can beat WPG as we are furious after losing and hungry for a win and have a decent lineup . All we need to do is blitz smartly and alot

So tell me exactly what you don’t like about Capiciotti? And don’t go on about sacks...totally overrated stat. It’s fantastic we that we can use a National at the spot with national backups. You keep going on about him but I do not get it.

Hi Lennywasout ..

I think Capicciottis good as a national and making a great effort but overall our 2 defensive ends are not generating any pressure on the qb and this is one major area we need to improve upon. I actually think Tracey does not get much pressure either but I think he is a bit faster and more athletic and stronger that Capicciotti. We don't have a guy like Charleston Hughes or Willis and we could use a guy that can get a sack or quick pressure on a 4 man rush so we don't have to reply on blitzing. Ricky Ray tore us apart in the last 7 minutes of last game and in the overtime as we were only rushing 4 people and thus no pressure and Ray had hsi way with us.

We had a decent DE pass rusher in Chick as he applied pressure consIstantly and all I am saying is that we need to upgrade our DE's to get more pressure on the QB. Right now , we have an extra non import starting so we could easily bring in some import DE's that can provide more pressure over Tracey and Cappicciotti.

Do you think our DE's are providing enough pressure on the qb without a blitz ? I do not and you can't be a great team without pressure on the qb as it is a big field and guys like ray will always find someone open.

I counted 9 starting NAT's

Stephen, Cappy and Teddy on Defense
Revenberg, Filer, Bomben, Chambers, Fantuz and Prime on Offense


The depth chart isn't written in stone. As an example, they listed Kanneh as a starting CB last week and he played the whole game at half. The 'Cats will be starting 7 Canadians Revenberg, Filer, Bomben, Capicciotti, Laurent, Stephen and either Fantuz/Chambers. They will start Banks, Tasker, and Saunders and the fifth receiver when the situation calls for it will be Fantuz or Chambers depending on which one starts.

Remember that the FB is the 13th player on offence, so doesn't count as a starter.

Ahh, Good one CFiO, Thanks! :wink:

Not much insight about the E Davis decision in these comments from Coach Lolley. But then you don't necessarily expect a coach to air any dirty laundry to the media.

“We’re trying to develop the players and you want to see what they can do. We’re still putting a lot of the pieces together,? said defensive coordinator Phillip Lolley. “Davis is a veteran guy, he’s fine – he understands the way the game is. He’s in the same boat that a lot of the guys we have are in.?

If Davis is a game day scratch, then I would think the TiCats would be putting out trade feelers for him.

They didn't do that with Gable last week. They ran him like a horse

I might have missed something, but where do we find out who the officials are? Specifically the guy in the booth…may or may not be making a sign for the next home game… :o

I am will purchase a custom CFL Refs Sucks T-SHIRT.