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#Ticats depth chart vs. #Bombers. Ellis in at halfback w/ Sears out. DE Delano Johnson will make his season debut.

And here is the BB's depth chart---Lots of injuries and changes- no Weston Dressler , Darvin Adams or Ryan Smith at receiver.Clarence Denmark re-signed after being released before T.Camp will play his first game of the season and start along with rookies Jace Davis ,Kris Adams and Thomas Mayo.
O-line depth is also shallow as only 1 reserve listed 2016 Draft Pick Michael Couture at C.
On the D-Side the back-field is seeing 4 rookies starting (Fredericks and Roberts at the corners and Loffler- safety and Fogg-inside half.)

The Peggers secondary may have rookies but they are talented. Fogg has stood out and he will be a good ine I believe.

Cool thanks for those.

Pretty simple for the Cats. Stuff the run and make Nichols and the patchwork receivers try to move the ball.

The real test will be Masoli and how he does against what has become a very good ‘Peg D. Some inexperience at DB should help but I do not think that this will be a walk for the Cats’ O.

Revenge is needed.

BEWARE: This the kind of game Ham goes MIA. Hope Not…Go Cats. :cowboy:

This is Harris we're talking about. Not what I'd call simple.

That said, I'm hoping that the Ticats can manage to do it while still managing to cover Denmark. Both Harris and Denmark have burned us a few times in the past.

Yeah, the plan is simple. The application of the plan is what will be difficult.

As of 12 hrs. before kickoff, it's expected to be quite a wet night in the 'peg with the probability of rain forecast at 70 - 80% starting around 4 p.m. and through 'til midnight. The kickers could find the winds challenging too -- forecast to be cross-field, from the east, @ 20-30 km/hr.

[url=https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/hourly-weather-forecast/manitoba/winnipeg]https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/ho ... a/winnipeg[/url]

Agreed, not a lot of experience in the secondary to speak of , but I have to admit that I am impressed and do like their front seven on defence. The BB's have a solid front 4 of Westerman(le) , Shologan (nt) , Cummings (dt) and Cole (re) backed up by 3 solid LB's in Wild (wlb), Bass (mlb)and Leggett (slb). The O-Line will have to be at their best to protect and keep Masoli upright for most of the game and not on his backside or running for his life like last time these two teams met. Masoli was sacked 4 times in that game and coughed the ball up 5 times in total ( 2 int / 3 fbl ).

If the line can keep Masoli clean and give him time to find his receivers , he should have a field day with the match-up advantages the Cats will have working against that raw green inexperienced D-Backfield tonight.

Nichols fate for tonight

Hardest QB hit ever!

This season if that didn't draw a penalty there would be a coaches challenge.

Excited about seeing some Dominique Ellis. The guy had I think the most underrated play of the game in Edm, stopping John White dead! a yard short to bring up the 3rd down. That was some pure Johnny Sears Jr type physical stuff, love it.

Go Get Em Tiger-Cats, Big Win against the Big Blue tonight in the Peg!!


So #ticats and #bombers fans get the rare treat of having Andre Proulx AND Rod Black for #CFLGameDay tonight.

As stated by Ottawacat, Weather will be a factor!

The thunderstorms will track eastwards through the evening hours, with Winnipeg most likely seeing the activity between 8PM and 1AM.

Winds will diminish tonight behind the thunderstorm activity as temperature dip to around 17°C.

I may be in the minority, but I think that Proulx is the best referee in the league.


Doesn't say much for the rest of them. Are they really that bad. :wink: :smiley: