TiCats depth Chart @ Whiny Ho's

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Referee for #Ticats vs. #Redblacks is Andre... just kidding. It's Al Bradbury. (Neither #CFL official who blew calls last week is on crew.)

Yay! ????

haha WHINY HO's

so how long is Harris' leash on Saturday? im hoping Kent has a lot of patience with him, me no want Assoli anywhere near centre, not even short yardage

Just wondering..... Would you call him Assoli to his face? Likely not.
I just love Internet anonymity.

We should be standing up for the guy, he wears the Jersey, We should be behind the guy! :expressionless:

X 2

If we truly are the 13th man, then standing up for, and cheering for all the other 12 players is a natural thing. Those who don't are, by definition, not good teammates.


Grover, No kidding, talk about a bunch of Whining Ho's that are the Bumcracks or Redblacks or Renegades or whatever they call them these days?

On TSN at noon the other day with Rod Smith they were advertising the Ti-Cat game against the Ottawa RoughRiders on Saturday, Ooops someone slipped up in the writers room at TSN??

When a City like Ottawa has had so many team names for one CFL team it gets confusing over the years?

i hear that ex-owners Horn Chen and the Glibbermans will be at the game today, probably still looking for a payback from Hunt?

Lets grease up the Chain Saws Tiger-Cats and Cut us some Burris Aka Redblack Trees!!


Actually is it the RedBlacks or the RodBlacks in Ottawa??

Uhh why is Andy F starting on the outside position?!?!

I cant think of a good reason, other than blocking for screen plays, to have him out there. Seems like a waste.

Id suggest switching him and Grant but that would be a waste as well.

Harris is going to need clutch players around him, and Andy is MR Clutch

Considering his lack of production AND SPEED on passes that ANY other player could have made, we may as well use our better receivers in positions where they can shine. Or the team messed up.

Who has better hands than Andy?

Speed is what you need on the outside, keeps the safety's honest. Andy is by far better inside.

I hope this was just a typo mistake.

It wasn't a typo, ryan. Andy has been playing like crap since he came back from his latest injury (and, frankly, rom hie EARLIER injury, too). I just haven't been impressed by his play this season.

They'd be better having Aprile on the outside than. hes got wheels.

Im not opposed to saying Fantuz slows down the offence but that is when Zach's playing. Imo Mathew/Harris and ugh Assoli need guys that can catch anything thrown at him. And that is Andy Luke those 2 should stay in the SB position right now.

I expect to see a lot of screens and a wild cat offense with both QB having specific plays each will run. Should be exciting to see.

This is what I'm hoping for too. It might be exciting, but it also could be really ugly. :cry: