Ticats depth chart vs Calgary

  1. Why do we continue to use a marginal import in Yarbrough at guard a position usually occupied by a national. Imports are best utilized at tackle . A waste of an import .
    We are not addressing the oline and Calgary had 7 sacks vs EDM in EDM last week .

  2. Why do we refuse to use an import at running back ? Like Don Jackson for now.
    Jackson Bennett is not an answer there .
    Our running game will be abandoned before the game starts .
    This is ridiculous .
    I am losing faith in Orlondo's decision making .

  3. You have to start Masoli even if he is not 100% healthy. Watford won't last a half and he is a 3rd down short yardage QB at best .

  4. Like our running game, oline, and offensive play calling , our kicking game is a mess and we felt forced to start an import at place kicker and use our weak place kicker at punter. These areas are starting to become a joke but I am not laughing.

  5. I am pretty sure we will not be winning the east and having the one home game to get to the home game Grey cup.

  6. Calgary will beat Hamilton Friday night.

  7. This team is not making personnel changes and trades/ acquisitions to fix weaknesses. They are not behaving like a team that was the Grey cup favorite and showing no urgency to strengthen themselves to ensure a first place finish to help ensure they get to the grey cup in Hamilton the first time since 1996 .

Remember people
In the words of Dane Evans
"It's not how you start the season,
It's how you finish the season,
As we all saw last season."

Masoli, if hit, likely wouldn't last for another play.
While I'm not expecting a great performance, from Watford, I do expect a determined, give-it-all-he's got one that may surprise you.


Maybe the OP sould go and break HIS ribs and tell us how easy it it to throw a football at a Professional level for three hours of football. Never mind taking hits from D-linemen who weigh twice as much as you.

Makes for another good panic-rant, however... lol

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. :roll_eyes:

Where's the smirk emoji?

We will see if Bertolet can redeem himself. He went 0-2 in the opening game. Not much of a sample size but we should learn if he's an upgrade over Domagala. Provided we can get within field goal range. :stuck_out_tongue:

As negative as this may sound I just don't see how we win this game, way too many injuries, Bennet starting at RB 3 rookie receivers starting, a suspect O-Line. I hope we win but just don't see it.

It’s gonna be a long night😫. Expecting the worse but hoping for a miracle.

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Point 6 is very well thought out

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Bertolet missed a 50 and 53 yarder so we may have to cut him a bit of slack. If he misses a couple inside 40 this week he could be our next punter.


I think mainly because it is not a desperate situation. Lose and still be ahead of Ottawa.
Win Eastern semi at home, Eastern final-road and Grey Cup Home.
A different path no option more than a 45 min bus ride.
All good.

And reserve judgement on Bennett until he gets a start under his belt. With his size he might be the extra blocker we need when he isn't getting the ball.

Still not sure why Don Jackson isn't playing? :thinking:

If Watford isn't the leading rusher this game, Tim White probably will be.




There is no way Gibbon or Woodmansey are worse than Yarbrough. He should not be on this team and why Don Jackson is not in the lineup boggles my mind

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No way we win and it won’t be close

It's not about winning. First 6 games are preseason. Evaluation has to happen for when it really counts.

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OK but I really hope you are wrong.

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I hope so too

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