TiCats Depth Chart vrs TOR for LDC


Better hope for some blocking, for either of them, otherwise, adios muchochos!

The Arholes have the worst ranked pass defence in the league.
We have the best ranked pass offence in the League.
Yes we should establish a run game, I hope Grigsby has an outstanding game,
but IMHO we will win with our passing game!

If Gainey struggles look for Murray to go outside to replace him on the corner and Stewart to move inside to replace Murray at half. That's the beauty with Orlando's Defensive schemes and versatility.....There is always options. Personally I'm not that concerned with our Defense today as much as I'm concerned with our Offense today,especially along the line with Bomben being out and O'Neill getting the start. Also we are incredibly thin at the Cdn wide out spot if something happens to Coates with unproven Aprile and unknown Madeiros with virtually no experience as reserves.

DCF - :lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks for the laugh!

rockfish wrote:
Now let's give Grimsby the ball close to 20 carries. the way they did with Gable. Some screen passes to him to counter the blitz would be highly recommended too.

I'm sure Beamsville and Freelton would like some touches as well, but our hometown boy Stoney Creek should be able to find the soft spots in the zone for those crucial second-down conversions. Dundas and Ancaster will be taking on the double teams on DT, while Burlington and Niagara will bring the thunder down upon any blew team QB that dares to stay in the pocket too long.

Too funny. Makes me glad I misspelled Grigsby. :slight_smile: