TiCats Depth Chart vrs TOR for LDC

Will miss Bomben. :expressionless:
I see Grigsby ahead of Holley


I'm glad to see Figs is back on the Game Day. Nice addition. Only one area of concern, only two reserve DBs? Dangerous?

Why can't I see the image of the Depth Chart? When looking at the Ticats website it is not yet listed. When I searched their twitter feed I come up empty as well.

Could someone either attach the image, or, provide a link?


Right Guard, Boundary Corner and the "Z" wide out position are all in my opinion weak links. What happened to Bomden, Washington and no real canadian threat at field side wide out.

Bomben and Washington are both out due to injury. With Fantuz out with injury as well they have to play Coates at WR for ratio reasons. They are playing the best of what they have that aren't injured. Coates is merely inexperienced and has a large upside. I expect Gainey and O'Neill to rise to the occasion and play well. There is no such thing as 24 starters on a football team - every player must be capable of starting as well, or they are the wrong player on the roster.

In closing - In Kent We Trust.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Backup DB’s are Stewart, King and Harris (the team’s version of a Swiss army knife - he can play multiple positions if necessary).

Surprised to see Hugh O'Neill put on the 6-Game Injured List.

I was thinking the same. I really like his coverage and run support from the LB spot. I'm just not sure that I would want him (or Butler for that matter) on the corner in at halfback for a long stretch in a game. Here's to hoping we never have to find out. Enjoy the game.

Go Grigsby & Holley, Let's kick this running game into high gear against the Arblows!!


Pretty bummed Bakari is not back yet. I was hoping he would be ready this week. Toliver has filled in nicely and Sink has been great as well.

Probably not as "bummed" as Bakari likely is! :smiley:

Heard Austin say earlier in the week that they were trying to find the best 21 (nationals) to put on the field that would make sense and give the team the best chance at success. There are SO many Canadian players on the team injured just now that even our very good depth is being sorely tested. Probably accounts for most of the choices on the depth chart.

Hope that we can get some healthy players back soon. Five games in 24 days in August was really BRUTAL on the players in the end.

Only problem is Figs won't be dressing. Two imports have to sit this one out and it looks like it will be Figueroa and Caldwell.

Coates is fine at the field side wide out. We have so many weapons in the receiving core that it is hard to spread the ball around. I would like to them throw in his direction once in a while.

I sure hope Gainey proves me wrong, but he scares the hell out of me out there.

Underwood is also a great option, good to see him getting a opportunity. He has played well when on the roster. He has a great attitude and love his intensity

Now let's give Grimsby the ball close to 20 carries. the way they did with Gable. Some screen passes to him to counter the blitz would be highly recommended too.

I’m sure Beamsville and Freelton would like some touches as well, but our hometown boy Stoney Creek should be able to find the soft spots in the zone for those crucial second-down conversions. Dundas and Ancaster will be taking on the double teams on DT, while Burlington and Niagara will bring the thunder down upon any blew team QB that dares to stay in the pocket too long.

Don't count on it... Toronto has the worst pass defence in the league and we have the best pass offence. I'd expect the standard Austin / Condell pass first, pass second, then pass some more playbook. With Bomben out the running game is even less likely to be in the cards.