TiCats Depth Chart vrs SSK Hall of Fame Game

Grant and Edem

And, I agree with "We could use Spencer now," having to start a rookie with less than 1/2 game's pro experience. Mentioning Jones' and Spencer's names together brings up a stats comparison which show's that Mike is more than filling Spencer's shoes:

Watt in 2016 played 15 games, caught 21 of 38 passes thrown his way, for 211 yds, including 74 YAC.
His average gain per reception was 10 yds., and his longest 36.

This year, in 10 games, Jones has caught 23 of 38, for 259 yds, including 65 YAC, with an average gain of 11.3 and his longest was 49 yds.

Interesting to note that Glenn is a game day decision and the Riders depth chart is showing 4 QB's , so one of them obviously isn't dressing for tomorrow nights game. Looks like Corky Jones is hedging his bets ??? and trying to keep us all guessing as to which one it might be . My guess is that we see Bridge under centre and starting in this game and either Glenn or Williams will be the game day scratch . It will be interesting to see how this plays out as to the true status of one Kevin Glenn .

That seems to violate the roster size rules described in the CFLPA CBA (from 2014 document).

(a) a maximum of 44 Players, including 3 Players who shall be identified as quarterbacks and 41 other Players, of whom not more than 20 may be Internationals, or (b) a minimum of 43 Players, including two Players who shall be identified as quarterbacks and 41 other Players, of whom not more than 20 may be Internationals.
The only thing I can think of is that one of the four is not officially listed as a quarterback, but instead is included in the 41 other players - until game time, if Glenn is scratched.


Not like Chris Jones to be a stickler for "rules" or anything? :wink:

I don't see anything wrong with the SSK depth chart. Their Reserves will be either Glenn or Williams and 1 National player, leaving them with 44 dressed, including 3 QBs and the maximum allowed 20 Internationals.

Missed one -- Beau Landry

Doh! Guess I should have read the next paragraph more closely. You're right there's nothing in the rules stating what position the two reserves can be.

Complete roster:

  • 44 Active Players

  • 3 QBs

  • #1 and #2 QB

  • #3 non-kicking QB (optional)

  • 41 non-QBs

  • Max 20 Internationals

  • 16 Unrestricted Internationals (aka Starters)

  • Max 4 Designated Internationals

  • Remainder Nationals

  • 2 Reserve Players - any position or nationality

The depth chart lists all 46 players, two of whom are scratched an hour or so prior to the game, i.e., designated as the reserve players. And as long as the players dressing for the game fit into the active player rules, everything is good.

I hope June Jones has had enough time to step back and breath, and perhaps put in a couple of packages for Zach Collaros to run a few plays per half to keep him sharp and gain back some confidence. He is a great change of pace from JM.

Bridge to start for the Riders

Canadian QB Brandon Bridge to start for Riders

As per Justin Dunk


I heard Coleman singing this at the walk through s today...maybe

Brandon Bridge is falling down
falling down
falling down
Brandon Bridge is falling down my fair lady

You're right about one thing... Collaros is a "change of pace" from Masoli... but "great"? And "to keep him sharp"... I'm checking the year of this posting and quite bewildered to say the least!

Zach hasn't played in either of the last 2 games in 2017. I don't want him to get stale sitting on the bench for the whole game again for another week. Sorry to bewilder you.

a whole 'nother week?

how stale was JM when he sat for 8 games, then came in and won two and a row?

Maybe Zach should sit for the rest of the season. I'm sure there is another interview he can do to tell us his favourite flavour of ice cream!

That is no way to treat your $540,000 asset

the value of an asset IS NOT based on the cost of the asset.

We lucked our way through the last 2 games...well give our defense & the running game thumbs up...now we are in against a good defense...Maybe some Zach sometime in the game to mix things up...we don't have the luxury of having egos & worrying about bent feelings...we are 2 & 8...we have to win out!

No game day thread?? I know that many are at the game but usually there's something posted by game time (7 p.m. in this case) and it's now almost time for the kick off! :o

2 and out on consecutive run plays. :(Not a good start for our O but the D steps up to limit the damage. Davis should have had that pick - and he knows it! At least they got them stopped.

There's now an official game day thread.