TiCats Depth Chart vrs SSK Hall of Fame Game

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IN: RBs Thomas-Erlington, Scheuerman, OLs Holmes, Golding, DE D'Anguilar.
OUT: Collins. Davis, Williams, Schram, Mathews

Was really hoping for Willie Quinn for KR and fingers were crossed for Fantuz.

With OT Mathews out due to injury and with Holmes back in I'm hoping they keep Tony Washington at left tackle where he's played well the last two games.

From Game Notes

Hamilton resurgence: The Tiger-Cats have won both games since making a coaching change and with a game in hand and a win on Friday night would pull within two points of Toronto and three back of Ottawa in the Eastern playoff chase. They have a chance to become the first-ever 0-8 starter to make the playoffs (and this now even harder in the Cross-Over era) and with a legitimate playoff chance. Both of their victories were by 4 points or less.

Brandon Banks multiple targets / zero kick returns: Banks was the target on 13 of Masoli's 33 passes two weeks ago including 8 out of his first 10 throws. Last week Banks was targeted 5 more times - the 18 targets were as many as he had in the first 8 games of the season combined. Last week for the first time in his Hamilton career he did not have a single kick return.

18 Ti-Cat rushing plays: The Ti-Cats ran the ball 18 times last week - that was a season-high for them as they had averaged only 10.6 attempts per game in their first 9 contests. They had a season-best 147 rushing yards last week split almost evenly by just two ball carriers (Gable 11 for 74, Masoli 7 for 73).

Justin Capicciotti: Had only 2 sacks in the first 7 games this year but has 3 in the last 3 games with 6 QB Pressures.

I don't agree with Banks having no touches on Special Teams. I think Aultman is a reliable KR and PR but not a game breaker. Aultman and Banks are pretty even as receivers and Banks far superior as a KR/PR so why not sub Aultman in more series on offense if Banks needs a breather?

SSK Depth Chart, Kevin Glenn listed as starter

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#Riders HC Chris Jones says Kevin Glenn is still a game time decision

http://Argos sign former Ticats receiver Bryan Tyms Posted on September 14, 2017 by Justin Dunk // 0 Comments The Toronto Argonauts have signed receiver Bryan Tyms, per sources. The 28-year-old was released by the Tiger-Cats on Wednesday after starting seven games this season for Hamilton, recording 25 catches for 204 yards, but he was off the game day roster two of the last three weeks. Tyms played in just two games with the Ticats in 2016 and showed plenty of promise after signing in late October. He had four catches for 33 yards and a touchdown in the regular season finale against Montreal and led all receivers with eight receptions for 114 yards in the East semi-final loss to Edmonton. The six-foot-three, 204-pounder appeared in 18 career NFL games (two starts) with the Cleveland Browns (2013) and New England Patriots (2014-15), registering seven receptions for 94 yards and a touchdown. Tyms saw action in one postseason contest in 2014 and was a member of New England’s Super Bowl XLIX championship team.

Or at least use Banks on punts and field goals, and Aultman and Gable on kickoffs.

And fix the blocking schemes to give Banks more options. No idea why he's not springing more / any. Are other teams covering him differently than they used to?

The Cat's offence will have to be on point for this game. Sask's D have been lights out the last few games, recent loss notwithstanding.

On D - must not allow QB (whoever that will be) have time in the saddle. Blitz blitz blitz.

That is all.

Come back soon Andy. Jones dropping routine passes is getting tiresome.

I'd still like to see Banks running back a missed field goal. Seems more suited for a big return given the composition of the coverage teams. And wouldn't take that much energy from Banks since most games you wouldn't even see him returning one. (In fact I don't think he's tried all year.)

Everyone was calling for Banks head and how crappy he was at returning kicks. Now he needs to be back there. SMH

Here's a possibility: the people who want him back there are different people than those who wanted his head.

BTW, the ones who wanted his head are not admitting it at the moment because he has had some good plays. They will resurface if/when he messes up, saying "I knew it all along".

Same can be said about the anti-Gable crowd. Strangely silent the past couple of weeks.

Andy's return won't change Jones' status as a starting WR. He may have a dropped a few, which you'd expect a pro to catch, but he's our 3rd. leading receiver and the most productive NAT WR, other than Fantuz, this team has had in some years. Not bad for a 3rd round draft pick last year, who dressed for only 8 games, and caught just 2 passes, as a rookie.

I agree with Jones being fine. Mainly a decoy ala Spencer Watt. Speaking of Spencer we could use him now...

Glen, Thigpen and Dyakowski, where have I heard those names before? :wink:

Glen is the only one who still has game IMO. Although Thiggy possibly still does

Where is Ricky Collins. The playbook can not be that difficult considering it's not Austin's so call complicated playbook. I have to ask who made the decision to cut Tyms, if it was Austin he let go one heck of a good receiver to the Arblows. Is there a coach preferably the receiver Coach who is able to "coach" the player up?

I don't think I called for his head (hope not, anyway), but I did point out that his return game took a nosedive around the time of his failed drug test suspension.

And I vented frustration at that dropped ball a few weeks back. I also agreed with others that he doesn't run very good routes, as all I ever seemed to see were deep straight routes, short crossing routes, and short flares. I don't think that his routes have changed much, but he is getting open more the last few games. This jury is still out. At least he hasn't dropped any easy ones lately.

Gainey, Steele, Bartel

As even Jones says, Bank’s chief asset is speed. He is not an accomplished route runner and is not a sure handed receiver. His return game has diminished in terms of his explosiveness, the length of his returns and the number of returns that have gone for TDs, and to a lesser extent, the number that provide field goal range attempts. Give him a fly, crossing or flare out pattern, and hit him in the open, and he is a competent journeyman receiver. Expect him to break coverage, or catch a ball in traffic, and he is 50-50.

If that is “calling for his head” or “saying that he is crappy at kick returns” than I am guilty as charged. But it is also my honest opinion of Banks the player.