TiCats Depth Chart vrs SSK Game #1

TiCats Depth Chart

SSK Depth Chart

Westerman on the 6 game IL

Howsare getting another chance

Global player AMAVIZCA makes sense as a backup kicking option. BUT why not allow all teams to keep a National backup kicking option?

Frankie Williams starts at corner over Rolle and Adeleke starts at safety over Daly on Defence

Filer backing up INT Rhaney at Center. ???

Frankie Williams played well in the pre-season and earned himself a starting spot.

What is Westerman’s injury? He got injured in a September game last year, and picks up today, where he left off, last year, on the 6-Game. Is he still on last year’s issue, or is it something new from training camp?

I have no problem with Howsare.

I agree, it’s smart use of the roster rules, by the TiCats, employing a back-up kicker as their mandatory dressed Global player. Gnahoua, the Global DE, is far less likely to be next man up in an injury situation.

1 National, on this chart, will have to sit out as a Reserve.

Starting the league required 7 Nationals. The only surprise is the before mentioned Rhaney starting at centre over Filer. By all accounts this is not because Filer is injured or hurting but because the team feels Rhaney is the better option. What’s up with Westerman? Looks like another Johnny Sears situation to me.

Not so sure, Girard who was Filers backup last year is on the 6 game.

Filer is probably hurt but can be pushed into backup if needed(hopefully not)

Westerman, who knows trade bait maybe? Kavis are you there still?

Some observations…

Just as I expected . Westerman placed on the 6 gm . So much for all the speculations of starting one or more over the max in Cdn starters . Canadian starters will be Ciraco , Revenberg and Vanzeyl on the O-Line , big Teddy on the D-Line , Adeleke at safety , Jones at wide-out and ST at rb .

Korol and Tucker come off the PR leaving 2 openings as only 10 players are now listed there .

Williams gets the start over Rolle at corner as well as pull down duties as the main k/p returner .

2 rookies get starting assignments with Crockett at wr and Rhaney at centre .

18 players listed who weren’t on the team last year

11 of these 18 are rookies who will be playing in their first CFL game tomorrow night .

Ratio roster breakdown shows 46 players listed…3 QB’s / 22 Cdn / 20 Amr / 1 Glob . Which I think means that only one player (Cdn ? ) will be a scratch . To be honest will all this 2.0 Ambrosie nonsense I’m not entirely sure what the new criteria is for game day actives ratio wise . All I know is that the Mexican back-up kicker listed gets a free pass and uniform for the game tomorrow night . I think that the teams are allowed to dress 45 for the games this year instead of 44 like past seasons . Maybe somebody can clarify how it works if anyone knows ?

Yes, Ambrosie clarified the other day that 45 players will dress including one Global player. Glad to see it’s at the kicker position where he will only get in if there is an emergency.

Bono…very informative post. ?

Def agreed there he was pretty solid last year too. I just never like seeing a full time starter as the primary returner.

Thanks for the clarification Pope that’s mighty . :)Yup , am also glad it’s a kicker . Hopefully we won’t have to use him and coach O can just tell him to go stand in a corner keep out of everyone’s way and watch the big boys play ball .

Having a backup kicker/punter will take a huge load off Lirum’s leg at practices for Special teams practice.
He should now be able to focus on his Kickoffs, FG’s and directional punting
and let Amavizca handle the special teams kicking/punting coverage chores

Davis and Tuggle have to be better than average or that’s a pretty meh defense.

You are are correct sir! Let’s hope they are better than average.

Ja’GaredDavis will be a huge upgrade!

SSK doing walkthru at THF

Wonder how Randy will feel if by the end of the year, all 9 teams are dressing a backup Global kicker.

Our global depth will be the backbone of our team

Have to be or that defense won’t scare anyone.