TiCats depth Chart vrs OTT

Fantuz to WR

Still don't like Rico Murray at the corner. . . he's a fish out of water there. Sit Stewart, move Rico inside, and then have Carter and Edem split time at corner.

My guess, based on media reports this week, is that there's a bit of deception in the chart. I think you can expect Nevis and Murray to be the two Reserves who won't be dressing on Sunday.

8) Strange indeed. Drew reported this morning that Cleshawn Page would make his first career start at the boundary
   corner, replacing Rico Murray,  who sits this game !!

    They show Atkinson as the back up DT.  They reported a couple of weeks ago that he was done for the year with an
     injury.  Since they have dropped Hazime for this game, it is obvious that Atkinson is fit to play and he replaces
     Hazime as the backup DT.

Atkinson was put on the 6-Game Injured List following the Labour Day game and has since been out for 6 games, so he comes off that list today. I'd guess Langa must be injured as this will be the first game all season that he'll miss.

Ah yes our revolving injury lists. As fast as some come off, others are there to replace them - sometimes faster! :cry: SIGH!!

Grover as usual thanks for the depth chart, always great to see who’s in and who’s not or injured this season.

Man you can build an entire great team on our injuries this year!

Let’s go get Ottawa today Tiger-Cat Fans, be Loud & Proud, support our team and lets bring home a Win for the Cats today and our great fans!!


Since someone mentioned it...


OL: Howard, Bomben*, Olson, Dile(PR), Williams(PR)*

QB: Collaros

Receivers: Tolliver, Coates*, Watt*, Collins(PR)

Backs: Ford, Madu


DL: Hazime*, Bulke*, Gaydosh*, Tracey

LBs: Archambault*, Ellefsen(PR - DE with the speed to play MLB)*, Molls(PR),

DBs: Gainey, Langa*, Miller*, Sears, Edem(usually scratched)*

P/K: O'Neill*

PR/KR: McDuffie(PR)

LS: Bomben (since he does everything)

I had to dip into the PR for a few players, and had to go with a player that is usually a healthy game-day scratch in Edem (I think). I even have 9 National starters*, which is 2 more than needed...