TiCats Depth chart vrs MTL- Masoli starts


Luke Tasker 97 Receptions: Tasker needs 3 catches to reach 100 - only club record holder Andy Fantuz has reached that level with 101 last season. Darren Flutie had 98 receptions in 1998 with Tasker's 97 this season the #3 total in Ti-Cats history. He has been targeted 147 times this season - second only to S.J. Green's 163.

3 key guys missing on STs, but the fill-ins have experience.
I see the PR has been trimmed by 4 Internationals -- LBs D.J. May and Lucas Wacha, QB Dane Evans, and RB Rajion Neal. Any, or all, of course, may have signed to come back for the '18 camp and might not be announced, as such, until as late as May.

Davis i guess is cooked as a future Ticat.
Would like to see Kanneh inserted at HB next year and find a new SAM.
Brooks i feel is the weak link in the secondary but coaches seem to like him.
Collins our best option as a KR...YAWN
Welcome back Mr Coleman
I would like to see THOMAS ERLINGTON get some touches and some balls thrown toFAUBERT-LUSSIER to see what we have. Possible All National RB tandem if Timmis comes back healthy.

Looking at that lineup, I wonder which players on it won't be back next season?

E Davis?

Oline is set, Dline is set, Green will be there, Tasker, Saunders, Banks and Chambers.
Tolliver should be back

L/B's are set,(I like Kanneh at SAM) most of the DB's are set

And Grover, there are several others among the 46 on this final game Active Roster who may, themselves, choose to leave: Barnett, Capicciotti, Dean ,Golson, Langa, Laurent, Masoli and Prime, in addition to Banks and Tasker who you mentioned, are all on the list of those reported as un-signed for '18.

Is BIG Ted a FA? If yes D line is not set.

I am assuming most of those players will be back

Davis + Collaros = $700K

I think they will be looking to upgrade the dline more pressure from the outside with zack gone theyll have some cash

Dont understand the e davis thing i always thought he was theyre best db but jj makes definite decisions

Sorry. I linked to the Oct. 22nd MTL depth chart. Here's this games:

So its obvious Masoli is June's guy. I just don't know why Coach refuses to see what Zach can do in this offence. I like both QB's but its looking more and more like Zach is gonzo. I just hope he goes to Sask or BC if he does go.

Yup I agree! Although I've heard JJ say on more than one occasion (pretty much an exact quote) "I KNOW Zach can play - I don't need to see him play"!

So many have put the bulk of the 0-8 start on Collaros and that is totally unfair. He had his issues but he also had poor protection no running game and even if the offense did play decently enough to win a game (thinking week 5 vs EE) the defense was giving up WAY too many points.

I've liked Kanneh at SAM but I think some forget Keon Lyn started there and played pretty well at the position until he broke his leg.