TiCats depth chart vrs MTL Game #3

Observations :

  • 2nd game in a row with no Tasker in the line-up . Surprising since there were reports that he was practising and looked good to go earlier in the week .

  • For the 3rd game in a row another rookie receiver in Marshall(activated off the PR) being inserted into the line-up backing up fellow rookie Acklin who made his debut in the line-up last week .

  • Another rookie receiver in Crockett who has dressed for the first two games goes onto the 6 gm .

  • Newly acquired Anthony Coombs makes his debut on the roster backing up yet another rookie receiver in Tucker at slot back .

  • The rest of the Offence remains unchanged from last weeks blowout win over that so called team from Tronna .

*On the defensive side of the ball there are no changes for the 2nd week in a row and the unit remains virtually intact from last weeks game . Starters and back-ups included .

*Unless something unforeseen happens between now and kick-off look for DE Maudlin to be the game day scratch for the 2nd straight week .

It is Taskers shoulder, but, this does sound scary! :frowning:

Great to have just the 2 changes and it’s possible both could prove to be upgrades. The coaches were impressed with Marshall at the Buffalo workouts in April and would have signed him for training camp, had he not got an offer to spend some time with the NFL Raiders. He’s either been quite mpressive, again, in the week that’s been here practising, or Crockett is, indeed, injured and Marshall is the only other INT WR we have available.

What are the chances Bennett gets more reps at RB than Irons, given the brief times we’ve seen both of them in the offence?

Perhaps it depends on whether the RB will get the ball or be used as a blocker.


Instead of the corpse formally known as Adrian Tracy…ok, maybe not quite that bad but if he doesn’t put up some plays against Montreal take a seat.

I wonder if Bennett might transition back to the D side of the ball with Coombs being backup SB and RB.

Heard that the plan was to have Tasker do more individual drills and see if he remained pain-free which I guess he did but he didn’t really take team reps. Guess they’d like to have him do that and ensure he’s completely healthy before putting him into game action.

Given how the “young guns” performed vs the sinking ship last week. I’m sure they’ll be fine. Not that I wouldn’t like to see Tasker on the field, but he’s valuable enough not to push a minor injury into a major one by pushing him into a game too soon. And the reps with real bullets flying are great for the rookies who (heaven forbid) might be called upon if there’s a plethora of receiver injuries later in the season.

3rd or even 4th string RB probably gets more reps than 3rd string NonImport DB/Safety

Who steps in for SAM Murray if he gets dinged up ingame?

Well if it was last year and we were talking about then SAM Unamba it would’ve been Bennett . This year though ?? Good question , as like I said earlier in another thread Murray is the only starting LB that doesn’t have a back-up listed behind him . His back-up is now listed as a RB so just guessing here but maybe Frey or Shortill move over there to replace Murray ?

Would Adeleke move up, with Daly subbing in at safety?

That would work .


But Rolle might be worth a Roll of the dice in that spot too

For those interested here is the Alouette’s depth chart for tonight’s game . I gotta say that outside of a few familiar names for the most part it seems like it’s made up of players that could be named “Who , Who and Who” ?

Sometimes those “who’s” become well known in a hurry - like Dean did or Addison. :wink:
Still expect a Ticats win against the "Who"s!

Just hope we aren’t saying Why, Why, and Why at end of game.

Same O-Line for the third week (except for Filer not being there game one) has to bode well. I don’t think that happened last season.