TiCats Depth Chart vrs Green Cheaters

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#Ticats will start two new corners this week vs. #Riders. Sermons & Davis in, Pointer & Lee out. #CFL

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#Ticats also add rookie RB Mercer Timmis, DT Drake Nevis, LB DJ Hunter. LB Omara, DL Johnson, DBs Lee & Pointer off. #CFL #Riders.

BTW! 20th consecutive sellout!!!!!! :rockin:

Certainly a wake-up call for the cornerbacks! Both Pointer, who has started every game so, and Lee, a starter the past five games, are now just on the Practice Roster. Omara and Johnson go the 1-Game Injured List.

Here is the Sliders Depth Chart for tomorrows game. Check out the changes from last week: 10 in and 10 out. There is also 6 ex Cats in Saskatchewan's line-up for tomorrow night's game : Josh Bartel-p , Ivan Brown-de , Mike Ford-rb ,Kendell Lawrence-rb ,Ed Gainey-db , Mitch Gale-qb.

Whoa! Both Pointer and Lee? I didn't think they had played too badly. Could be a field day for Bagg and Roosevelt, better go back and check my All-Access predictions? I guess it is a case of "In Steinhauer, we trust"? OS has been pretty good so far, excepting the D tending to take the first half off.

I don't have a good feeling about this game. Hope I am wrong, but Riders are due to bust out, and we don't seem to have a good history when playing teams on a long losing skid. But, the boys will prove me wrong, I just know they will.


Priceless !

Let’s Get It Together Tiger-Cats and pull off a home win against the Riders tomorrow night in the Hammer.


Lee and Pointer have made some good plays but both are rookies and obviously not doing enough in the eyes of the coaches to make more plays. Austin promised that there'd be personnel changes on the field and now there are. Sermons has some CFL experience and, if I remember correctly, did a decent job in Ottawa. Could be that after giving the young guys time to develop some playing chemistry, OS has decided that he'd prefer more experience in the secondary. (Not sure how much experience Chris Davis has though without checking his bio).

If the depth chart is true, this will be his first pro start in his second pro game.

look for them to go after #31 Ellis a lot BC picked on him the whole game.

I'm not a coach and don't have access to all the film they have and the practices but from what I've seen the last few weeks the ones getting burned are the 3 guys that are still in the secondary this week. Can't remember Pointer getting beat really at all.

Dr. Whiskey, maybe the performance of Pointer and Lee on special teams is also what drove the switch in personnel this week. Our kick/punt coverage has been noticeably weak this year.

I agree that those 2 DB's have looked decent in coverage. Lee, especially, has looked better since getting torched multiple times a few games back. That said, there were one or two big plays last week where receivers caught long passes with DB's right next to them, without those DB's contesting the catch by using their hands. Strike two on Pointer and Lee, But they will learn, and get better.

Anyway, I hope Steinauer doesn't wait two full quarters before sending DB's on blitzes this game, like he did last week. We turned the game around as soon as that started.

Of course it could be the play on special teams that would make some sense.. as for defence the guys getting beat were Davis and Ellis last week, first td was on Davis second big td pass was Ellis and most of the plays to Arceneaux were usually against Ellis.

Pointer and Lee have also shown that they can't tackle worth a $%^&...