TiCats Depth Chart vrs ESKS

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 11m11 minutes ago
Head referee for #Ticats game vs. #Esks is Andre Proulx. #CFL

IN: Hill, Fredrick
OUT: Davis, Berry

Secondary will be weak until the 2 UFA signings are back healthy

Do we ever need a dominant receiver. The likes of Green, Ellingson, Jorden, Moore, Roosevelt,


Secondary doesn't look half bad to me. Leonard has been great, Stephen his usual self, and Wooten and Rogers had decent games last week.

Is that Tillman or Austin posting?
Secondary has been torched and is in shambles. Wooten and Rogers were bad last game. Real bad. The team gave up 436 yards and 81% passing completion to a backup QB last week. And that is on the heels of allowing 380 yards and 75% to Kevin Glenn of all people. Well the ancient QB down the highway passed for a career best 506 yards and 76%. Think about that one. Career best at Ray's advanced age.
How bad do they need to be until you acknowledge they are a disaster on the back end?

I think we have that in Saunders and Tyms...they are just not utilized enough in the play calling. I know I must be sounding like a broken record now, but why Collaros kept throwing to Junior Collins on numerous consecutive plays is beyond me...it's not like it was successful. It's time to turn over the play calling to someone else, because what ever they're doing, it's not working. Do any QBs call their own plays these days

Looks like Gable is dressed for the game as a back-up. We should at least try inserting him into the offence for some sweeps, screens, etc...

Why not try someone else on the roster to run back kicks…Banks doesn’t seem to be getting the job done. Where is Terrell Sinkfield when we need him? Trying to make the Vikings as a Cornerback of all things. Maybe we could use him back there as well…a throwback to the Garney Henley days when it wasn’t uncommon for a player to play both offence and defence.

RB CJ Gable and OL Branden Schram, were the game day scratches for last game

I am expecting the same for tomorrow.

RT Lamar Holmes didn't look bad for his first game in the CFL. The size up front we need.


Elliot should be in and Collins out

Marshall Ferguson?Verified account @TSN_Marsh 13h13 hours ago
My understanding is Elliot can't play as many positions as Junior Collins.
Positional flexibility in a thin group = Collins > Elliot

IMHO Elliot @ 6'3" 213lbs >>>> Collins @ 5'10" 185lbs

If he's not 1 of the scratches, I wouldn't mind seeing both Gable & Scheuerman in the backfield at the same time. Use 1 or both as extra blockers, you could have 1 or both chip block & slide into the flat or over the top as a receiver. If the D keys on one, you go to the other one. If the D tightens down to the line of scrimmage, you use both to block & stretch the field with Saunders or Jones.

100% agree

You can only play one position at a time. Flexibility, shleptibility. Go with the more talented player. Period.

And then if one of the other receivers gets hurt, you maybe you can't actually fill the formations you want to fill, because you don't have somebody who knows how to cover for the injured spot, and you have to throw away a bunch of your game plan. Having more receivers who can play multiple positions lets you spend fewer roster spots on backup receivers.

LB corps are going to have to bow their necks for this game as they are down 2 rec. and I expect the Esks to run run run.

Secondary found 1 hero last game. Who steps up this game? Cuz someone is going to have to do so.

As noted above ( or was it in another thread), O-line better get a grip on Willis. Receivers, who is going to be the hero? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Really? If you were playing against the 2017 Ticats, would you run run run?

Seems to me a more likely outcome is Reilly throwing for a career high in passing yards. My quick check tells me his personal best is 465 yds vs Winnipeg in July 2016. That's probably where the over/under will be set.