TiCats Depth Chart vrs EDM ESF

Reilly will complete several passes on both sides, I'm sure, And, when he does, I'd be much more concerned about about our Davis boys' ability to make a tackle than Page's. Page was aggressive last year, a hard hitter, and I expect he won't be giving his man a free catch + YAC, on the shorter completions, like our other DBs so often do.

Unfortunately that corner position has been a total sh-t show the last 2 years since Breaux left town. I think that where we have to worry is where Page is fleeter of foot than Vaughan he will be giving away around 5 to 6 inches in height and around an avg of 25 to 30 lbs in weight against the Edmonton receiving corps. Page is the smallest starter in the back five , listed at only 5'9" and 176 lbs. What it amounts to is basically big advantage Edmonton if we allow Reilly to sit in the pocket and give him time to find his boys downfield and he starts throwing darts to the likes of Bowman,Walker etc it could be a long afternoon for our depleted and shallow secondary. The key is upfront where our front seven have to maintain a steady pressure on Reilly and knock him on his ass a few times and get him out of his rhythm early to help out the secondary and take the pressure off them .