TiCats Depth Chart vrs EDM ESF

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Referee for #CFL East Semi-Final between the #Ticats & #Esks is Andre Proulx. #ESF

Here are the bad guys! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Biggest surprise ..... leaving Page in jersey #92. I'd have thought he'd probably switch to 19 or maybe 34. With 92, front and back, he'll look much slower than he is. Maybe that's the plan.

Surprises for me:

  1. Only one backup O-lineman? (compares to 5 backups on the D-line)

  2. Banks and Tyms listed as starting receivers ahead of Chiles and Collins.

  3. Seems like we're also light in backup DBs - especially given that we've seen two starters injured in the same game not too long ago.

If we lose, given the way 2016 has gone, it could well end up being due to unfortunate injuries in positions where we don't have replacements.

I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see Speedy B as a first line receiver? I guess coaches feel he is preferable to Chiles or Collins. Can teach techniques, but you can't teach speed?

He will be on the wideside of the field, hopefully matching up against their LB Ladler.
Time for Speedy to have a big game!

Dave Campbell ?@Dave_CHED 45m45 minutes ago
Brandon Banks against Kenny Ladler and Kevin Elliott against Brandyn Thompson are juicy matchups on the wide-side of the field #Eskimos #CFL

Good observation, ExPat, on there being just 1 backup for the OL. That's something they've never done this season.

At this time of year you can't be worried any longer about injuries during the game. Put your best combination of players out there and hope for the best.
Should be a great afternoon to sit in the stands and watch whatever unfolds.
I'm feeling positive about the outcome...not sure why though, :thup:

Our receiving corps looks good. Can't wait to see Tyms, Tolliver, Banks and Elliott light up the scoreboard. And I'm sure we'll see a bit of Chiles, too.

I hate losing Fantuz and Tasker, but this week's receiver lineup is much more capable of going vertical, IMO.

My biggest concern is the offence and lack of consistency between Collaros and this group of receivers especially with Fantuz and Tasker out of the line up.

I feel good about our defence and know that they will be up for the game and ready to make some key plays or game changing contributions.

My hope as well is that this group of receivers will give Collaros the ability and speed to go vertical and often and stretch the field of play and open holes under in the shorter pass zones and run plays for Gable. Hopefully our offence can get going and score TD's in the red zone not just rely on field goals?

The big positive for the Cats is that they are playing at home and especially after another ridiculous season of injuries with so many starters out but a good group for tomorrows game and in front of our great fans, lets cheer loud and proud and get Tim Horton's rocking in the Hammer.


It'd of been nice to have atleast one for those critical 2nd down catches.

Go cats go

answers to ExPats surprises :

  1. I am also surprised to see only one backup O-Lineman . M.Girard would normally be the other reserve man BUT surprise , surprise he's on the 1 man IL .
    As for the D-Line and having 5 backups listed , my guess is that one of them is one of the two game day scratches or in-actives. My guess is that it will probably be Louie Richardson being that O'Mara can also play and backup at LB as well as at D-End.

  2. Am also surprised at Banks being listed as a starter but I think we might see him involved in more packages this game in a rotation with Collins just to keep the Eskimos "D" honest and on their toes. I honestly can't see the team utilising Banks as a regular starter as well as seeing him do his regular return duties but keep in mind that Collins is also and has been a return man for us this year as well. I'm also guessing that we will see a steady rotation of Tyms and Chiles just to keep everybody fresh and to mix things up depending how the Esks are lining up and what type of packages they are showing us on defence.

  3. Definitely light in the back end in this one but Robinson who is listed as Raymond's backup at SLB is also capable and has played in the backfield before as recently as last game when he filled in for E.Davis I believe in that nothing game against Mtl to end the season either that or it was at safety. There's been so many changes back there this season that it's hard to keep track of all of them.
    Just as a way of comparison I checked out our depth chart for last years ESF against Toronto and we had 10 players listed in the backfield last season for that game.
    And finally by the way of another comparison the team has a better starting 5 backfield listed on the teams current IL then they do on the depth chart for tomorrows game.
    Injured List starting D-Backfield : Johnny Adams/Johnny Sears/Rico Murray/DeMond Washington/Craig Butler
    throw Emmanuel Davis/Courtney Stephen/Mike Daly into the mix and you probably have one of the Best if not the Best Backfields in the league with great depth if everybody was healthy.

For all you old school guys who prefer the non fancy easier to read Depth Chart instead of the fancy one that Grover posted. :slight_smile:


They have to sit out one international player and by the looks of the depth chart it looks like it will be Chiles. Collins will stay because of his versatility.

Not dressing a backup centre (Girard) makes no sense, unless he is truly injured. Most of the offence is run from the shotgun and if Filer goes down, we are in deep trouble. I guess Crawford would fill in but he's a little light to be blocking 300 pounders. :roll:

I'd give a game prediction but I really don't have a clue. Some things never change!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I like the line up give the ball to gable n open holes for him let Zach find his receiver's smack Reilly n banks better put on his big boy pants In AUSTIN I TRUST

Very Windy today Able Gable is key he gets 100 yards we get the Big W, Defense Wins Championships !

DB : Page instead of Vaughn should I be real worried about that corner? That Reilly will peck away at that side all game

Had 3 cups of coffee and 2 bowls of Zachabits for breakfast..not gonna lie i'll likey make that 3 and 3 for evenness..


Loud and proud today.
Lets do this!!

Is that you Tom/Onknight? He's the only fan I have ever seen focus on such insignificant things.

Actually I think if there was an injury to Filer, Brandon Revenberg would slide back inside to replace at centre and most likely Rice would come in at RG with Bomben kicking out to RT.

Revenberg played some centre in training camp as well as on the scout team earlier in the season as well as having experience in college at GVSC.