TiCats depth chart vrs BC Lions

Here is BC's, Lulay dressing as 3rd string QB

So we’re starting some raw rookie fresh off the PR at blindside tackle in his first game replacing our regular starting raw rookie Jordan who is now on the suspended list ? Gotta wonder what’s up with that move ? I sure as Hell hope that whoever this Palmer guy is he can protect Masoli’s backside otherwise Lemon and Willis as well as Coleman are going to have a field day eating this newbie up . :o

It also looks like 2 imports will once again be scratches . My guess is that Neill will probably be one replaced by Whitlock but honestly have no idea who the second one might be . It won’t be Addison or Williams as they are both listed as primary p/k returners for this game .

The suspension of Jordan was discussed a little bit, earlier, in the “Westerman Gone” thread, but remains an unexplained bad-news surprise. This will be Palmer’s first TiCat game but he has played 11 CFL games, for the Lions over the past two seasons, and spent some time earlier this year with Edmonton.

When Jordan got the starters job they said Okafor was very close to winning it, and now he is not even on the active roster. I wonder if his skills deteriorated in the past couple of months?

Well that makes me feel a little bit better . At least he has some experience but hopefully we get full disclosure as to why exactly that Bryant is suddenly suspended for this one game or possibly multiple games by the club .

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#Ticats starting left tackle Avery Jordan is away on a family matter and won't play Saturday. #CFL

Hope Palmer and the O-Line give Masoli the time to throw or open holes for our RB’s, it’s rematch day in the Hammer!

Let’s see if the Tiger-Cats are up for some pay back!


Well it looks like my question as to who the other game day scratch will be has been answered by Uncle Milty in today's Spec . It looks like it will be Adrian Tracy with a thigh bruise . So with Westerman being 6 gamed and Neil and Tracy both out it will mean that we'll be running short on the D-Line for today's game .

National DE Jamaal Westerman is out for the season, DE Adrian Tracy is out with a thigh injury, and DT Jason Neill will also miss the game . Nikita Whitlock, back in the lineup ,and Bobby Richardson will take more snaps in the middle .

More here in Steve Milton's game preview :


Thanks for posting bobo.

So our game day scratches will be Tracy and Neill

At least DLine is one/was of our positions of strength.
Capicotti, McGough, Richardson, Whitlock and Howsare now all have their time to shine!