TiCats Depth Chart VRS Bad Hanks

Not quite as much change as I thought there might be. Beyond the depth chart, as presented, I'm concerned that Tracy might be the INT scratch, not having heard anything more on his being taken out of the Day 3 practice, and the movement of Tasker to the 6-Game Injured List 4 weeks after being hurt. I wish the media didn't work so closely with the team on keeping injury details secret. We have 23 players listed as injured and I don't think I could accurately say what the injury issue is with even a half dozen of them. I also don't understand Landry and Olson being taken off the 6-Game list on Oct. 10, according to cfl.ca/transactions, and yet still being on it according to the roster published with this depth chart.
In addition to Burris starting, Ottawa has made 4 changes. 2 are significant -- Khalil Paden, brought back just a few days after being cut, takes Chris Williams' spot and Tristan Jackson is back as the returner replacing Jamill Smith.

I kind of thought that maybe Elliot would have dressed for this game. :?

Neglected to acknowledge, in my post above, the the return, from injury, of the RB's starting DE of Arnaud Gascon-Nadon -- another significant change this week for them. If a Masoli pass comes his way, hopefully his hands are still what they were in last year's Eastern Final. :roll:

Tasker SIX GAMES WTF that's coming outta nowhere

Fulton at left tackle and Campbell moved to the right tackle spot (apparently he played Right Guard at Carolina) so this should be an improved O-Line.

Love the "Bad Hanks"!

Yes that's funny, I'm sure he's been practicing catching balls for a year now.
Just have to hope it's not the Hank that threw 5 TD passes in the last game of the season in Ottawa last year.

It actually looks like they're starting a total of NINE Nationals this game (3 on D: Laurent, Atkinson, Daley; 6 on O: Revenberg, Filer, Bomben, Prime, Fantuz, Watt). This gives us a LOT of roster flexibility for injury/rotational replacements. This is especially important because there is no National backup for Daley at Safety, since his backup is injured. I'm surprised that Collins gets the start over Elliot; unless KA wants a player that is more familiar with the playbook than a guy that was signed so recently...

Eight. Prime doesn't count. When he comes in, Fantuz or Watt typically goes out.

Vaughn still at boundary corner?

Why do so many spell Daly's name with an E???

There is no E in his last name at all, people. It's DALY, not "DALEY".

Probably it's the familiarity with the name of long-time CFL coach Jim Daley, who's now the Assistant H.C. & Special Teams Coordinator at St. FX in NS.

It takes time to become familiar with this offense so I suspect that Elliot isn't quite ready to start - in fact I believe I saw a comment or tweet to that effect. Give Elliott another week and unleash his skill in the rematch!