TiCats depth chart vrs Arblows

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 10m10 minutes ago
#Ticats add WR Luke Tasker & DE @ENorwood40 for game vs. #Argos. Expect DT @tedlaurent back as well. RT Joel Figueroa down for Jeremy Lewis.

I like the look of this!!! :rockin:

This is going to be one of the biggest tests of the season. HUGE pressure on the Cats to win this. Coming out on top, in OT, in an ugly fashion or by a blowout it's not going to matter. Win and you prove you're ready for the pressure cooker.

This depth chart reads like a nightmare for other teams. Who do you key on? Where's the defensive weakness?

Wait a minute? Tracey hurt?!?!

Why isn't he backing up for Norwood :x :x

Ratio, Canadian depth

Was really hoping to see situational package that includes
Norwood Laurent Hickman and Tracey

Similar to the NY Giants nascar package of DE's Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre Paul, Osi Umenyiora — and LB Kiwanuka. Which lead them to a SB :rockin:

Grrrr. Shoulda just lied and said he was injured :x

I like this lineup. Its the most impressive this season thus far.
With this crew, we must win! :thup:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 39m39 minutes ago
Starting #Ticats RT Joel Figueroa was injured in practice this week and won’t play vs. #Argos.

Crap!!! No Figs

Tasker could really make a difference. As another veteran receiver with good chemistry with Collaros, and a good possession receiver with a knack for finding the open areas, he could serve as an outlet receiver when the Argos bring pressure. I think that's been a weakness for our offence this year. When other teams blitz we often don't have a great answer, other than hoping for some wizardry by our QB.

Sad no Figs, sure liked the way he handled Chick when we played Sask. Hurry back Figs we need you big guy :cowboy:

One import and one Canadian have to sit this one out. I'm going with LB David Caldwell and DT Michael Atkinson as the sit-outs. While they have lots of Canadian back-ups at linebacker but they need to dress all of those guys for special teams work.

I "think" they might sit Collins and Coates. They would play Sinkfield in their place and have the ability to bring in Prime if one of the Canadian starters were injured - to be the seventh Canadian. Caldwell is too valuable on ST to sit him. I was thinking of sitting Stewart, but he would be their only b/u DB (along with Daly) if any of them gets hurt. He is very flexible being able to play LB and DB. Flexibility is a quality that seems to appeal to KA.


You might be right about Coates sitting this one out, but that's because Woodson could come in at slot as Fantuz's backup. But if so, I don't see them sitting two receivers. I'm with Mike on this, that Caldwell is the international on the reserve.