TiCats Depth Chart verses CGY Aug.16

Tripp in for Norwood at DE.

only 1 RB Dressed ??? that’s a Mistake has to be

I'm sure that's not a mistake but rather a confirmation that running the ball, other than by the QB, is once again not a serious part of the game plan. 5 changes this week -- Gable, Norwood, Koch, Lewis and Myddelton all to 1-game Injured with Tripp, added from the PR, along with Dile, after completing his full time on the 6-Game Injured, and Tasker, Coe and Reinders all from the 1-Game Injured List. After his 6 games on the Injured List, Lindsey Lamar has been put on the PR, joining newcomer INT WR Joe Hills to make it a full 10-player list.

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Austin says he’s happy with DanLeFevour progression. Prepares well & makes good decisions.

^^^^^ I agree, I think LeFevour has exceeded all of our expectations and then some!

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Ticats head coach Kent Austin “CJ Gable won’t play vs #Stamps but ankle injury isn’t as bad as first thought.”

^^^^^ Great news!

I am surprised by this move. I would have expected that he'd either be activated for the game as either the starting or backup RB, or be moved to the one-game injury list. Placing him on the PR with Gable injured tells me that he's on his way out soon. Still concerns over his concussions possibly, and the likelihood of a third one?

I have to agree with you CatsFan, I was also surprised to see LaMar shifted onto the PR, hopefully as you say this doesn't
mean we've seen the last of him as a Cat. I would think that if the team was still interested that with Gable out he would've been moved to the active 46,or if he still isn't 100% yet and not ready that he would've been moved to the 1 gm IL instead

The 46 man breakdown is 3 QB/22 CDN/21 IMP.....Meaning that the 2 game day scratches will be 1 of each(Cdn/Imp) My
guess is that looking at the chart that the 2 players who will sit will most likely be Rockhill and Caldwell. I'm guessing
that DB-Coe dresses as a 7th back and just in case they're is more of the costly boneheaded penalties that certain DB's
have taken this year,that Austin will not hesitate to make a change back there and perhaps sit one or more of the guilty
party down on the pine to send a message that enough is enough when it comes to dumb,costly selfish penalties that
have hurt this team on a regular basis and has most certainly cost us a win or two this season. No names mentioned,I think we all know who the culprits are that seem to be repeat offenders. There was also concern in this thread about only
dressing 1 RB, IMO not a surprise,really with this offence,I'll wager that Madu will be lucky if he gets 5-6 touches this
game,both running and receiving combined. LeFevour will once again be our leading rusher,no need to even dress a rb this season.
it's a waste of a roster spot with this offence :roll: :?

Here is Stamps depth chart
Not too deep on "O" Line or RB


If Madu had to be replaced during the game, they probably would use Banks at RB.

I can't see Banks at RB, given the blocking requirement. He's just not big enough. They could go with Primé, but I don't know the last time he actually carried the ball as a running back. (Would that matter with this team?)

My choice would be Dell, because I think a running back is someone who should be able to, uh, run with the ball. but then, I'd also like the team to use a true fullback running the ball on occasional as well, so what do I know?

The Green Rides get away with it almost every game....I guess our dline isnt as proficient as their either.....

Im ignorant to this weeks news...but Why is Norwood out?

Probably because they have a backup with Messam at fullback. The Ticats used to do that with Stephenson a few years back.

Interesting to see that the Stamps only start 1 NI on Defence. 4 NI OLinemen. Parker at SB. Meaning they'll have to go with a FB set with Cote or use another NI in Sinpoli at SB or Charboneau in 5 receiver sets.

Key match-ups that I see are the following;

  1. Charleston Hughes & Shawn Lemon on the ends versus Olson & Dile. If Jake & Marc can limit the 2 Calgary DE's and get them moving on roller skates ... Things will be much easier for the LeFevour & the TiCat offense.

  2. Fuller versus Breaux. I don't expect a lot from Fuller in all honesty but what will be important is the physicality of the match-up. Both are physical guys. Both play to & sometimes across the line. Penalties in this match-up could sway the balance.

  3. Field position & special teams. Maver is the best punter in the league & Parades is one of the best place kickers. Medlock has to be up to the challenge in both areas of the kicking game. One shanked punt out of bounds, one missed field goal could very well be the difference.

I think this game is there for the taking for Hamilton. Keep penalties at 11 or less. Play disciplined. Protect the football. Calgary depends on the big play. The big turnover. Limit or rather eliminate those, and I fully expect Hamilton to be victorious.

Other random notes. I expect to see Coe in for Davis either to start or at the first sign of trouble - penalty or blown assignment.

If Madu does go down, as others have discussed, I'd expect them to go to a 6 receiver set or 5 with Prime in as FB.

I'm looking forward to Mossis getting his opportunity. I think fans will be pleasantly surprised.

Will be interesting to see if Nik Lewis dresses or is a game day scratch due to ratio. Calgary has been challenged balancing the ratio & Lewis has seen little if any action since coming back from injury. It'd be best to see him in a hat & t-shirt on the sidelines as I don't see anyone able to match up with him physically.

Calgary's secondary is very good. Very aggressive as well. They jump routes often. They are opportunistic & often successful with big hits & takeaways. Gotta make them pay for jumping routes with big plays downfield. Gotta go to Fantuz early & often and make their DB's cheat inside & their LB's on their heels getting into their drops. This will open up so much if they're concentrating on #83.

Last year, the Cats dressed only 1 RB in both playoff games and the Grey Cup.
In his pre-game press conference, Austin said they "felt good about the play of the interior of the D-line but they needed more from the outside." And so, Tripp goes in "to see what he can do" with the hope that it's more than Norwood has shown.

Like I said on one of my earlier posts,Coe gets a spot on the game day for added depth and also to send a message to
the DB starters,anymore BS in the penalty department and you'll find yourself nailed to the bench the rest of the game.
in the 1 game that Coe suited up for this yr he played outside replacing Stephen and ended the game with a total of 12 tackles.
The depth chart has him backing up Davis inside,but he is a versatile player who can also play on the corner. I agree with Fender,on this one,sometime during the game we will see Coe starting in the backfield for either Davis,Stewart or Breaux depending on which one of these three blows up first with the first flag thrown at another stupid,undisciplined penalty that has hurt this club all season. I hate to say it,but if this team somehow manages to blow yet another winnable game late,I can see Austin making major changes for the 2nd half of the season,he has already proven to everyone that he is not a patient man.

Really disappointed in the play of Norwood and Boudreaux who both started the season. They had several good games last year and I was hoping to see a more consistent “strong game” progression from both of them. Not surprised at all to see Coleman and Tripp in there to replace them. We need a pass rush from our defensive ends!!!

Tripp dressed for 12 games last year for Toronto and started 3 of them. He had pretty impressive stats in those 3 starts-
10 tackles,1 int returned 54 yds for a TD and 1 fumble recovery,he also has nice size for the position listed at 6’5" 277 lbs.
Looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish in today’s game,he might just be what this team needs on the D-Line.
I also will be keeping a close eye on Reed in the middle,can’t say as he’s impressed me in what I’ve seen so far of him,
hopefully Bowman will be back soon off the injured list and back in at MIKE ahead of Reed who IMO has looked inconsistent from play to play considering he is supposed to be known as a “tackling machine” to me he hasn’t shown it yet.

Coleman played well last game against BC, with 1 sack and 6 tackles
It will be great if Kiante(Like a Fine Wine)Tripp, can bottle up Mitchell! :wink:
I know, Lame attempt at humour.

Maybe Rod Black could use that one!