TiCats Depth Chart @ SSK

Jamie Thomas ?@TSNJamieThomas 12m12 minutes ago
Chiles and Collins start at SB, Ford at RB, Daly at FS.

Lots of changes from last week

Owens, Scheuermann, Tasker, Stephen, Coates, Gaydosh
Herbert, Lee, Chiles, Ford, Collins, Uren

Owens, Stephen, Sheuerman, Coates, Gaydosh all on 6 gm DL
Tasker, Gable and Dyakowski on 1 gm IL

[url=http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.com/app/uploads/2016/09/23110444/Depth-Chart-Roster-09-24-16-at-SSK.pdf]http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.co ... at-SSK.pdf[/url]

As expected, despite the smoke screen of "possibles, unlikelys, iffys, questionalbes" etc., it's the worst of the scenarios.
Owens, Stephen and Scheurerman all to the 6-Game list! Only reason for that would be that there's a chance they'll be out that long. Interesting side note -- Evan Gill, who has just completed his 5th straight full run on the 6-Game list, over two season, is now on the single game list.

I neglected to include in my above comment on it being the "worst scenario," that I'm thinking Toliver will named, along with Johnson as this week's Reserves.

Nah....Toliver will dress. Lee and Johnson will be the reserves.

Of course Tasker and Owens will be missed, A big opportunity for Chiles and Jr Collins.
This could be a chance for Speedy B to get in on more Offence
We are fortunate that Ford knows the offence so well and Revenberg has certainly shown his versatility on the Oline.
I have faith in Daly to replace Stephen at FS, outside of that the Defence looks the same.

Do you think John Chick is going to have a monster game??? :rockin:

SSK depth chart

Vonk lines up against Teddy Laurent! 8) Good luck with that

Norwood is on the roster as a backup

Sask. RoughridersVerified account
Chris Jones on the return of @ENorwood40 to the lineup. "He's going to play...he'll be there 2 out of 3 series."

Of the new offensive guys, it's some consolation that Collins and Ford have worked in the system since last season, and Chiles is a CFL veteran.

Still, Tasker and Owens are both Top 10 receivers, representing over 1600 yards and 10 TDs. (Had Toliver been included, that would have been three Top 15 receivers, 2400 yards, 17 TDs.)

Big loss however you slice it. Yet perhaps not as big as Sask losing their guy, Roosevelt.

Agree. And it seems to me that when the Riders visited Hamilton last month, Chick made sure to go over to DD during the game and "say Hello"! I'm sure he'll be planning to get up close and personal again.

The hardest hit group is the receivers/RB but at least most of the replacements are familiar with the offense and just as important, they're fresh. They just have to make sure they stay healthy as some of the backups (Uren/Jones) have NO experience. I'm hoping that Tasker is out this week to ensure that he's ready to go against Calgary. He's taken more than a few hard hits and it's not surprising that he's nicked up enough to keep him on the sidelines.

I liked what I saw from Ford last season and I remember being surprised when I heard that he was released by this team. That decision made more sense after seeing how Scheuerman played. But I'm not that worried about the team having to go with Ford at RB.

Ford and Chiles are being relied on as starters in this one and it's an interesting coincidence how they were both on the Saskatchewan roster earlier this year. I'm sure that those two would like to "haunt" the Roughcheaters.

Last week, backups got the job done well in a win. And with even more key players out for this one, that's what will have to happen again this week. And I do believe that this team can prove that has the depth the get the win with several of its better players sitting this out.

Is it really a 930 start tonight. Did Saskatoonewan move out to BC or something?!

7:30pm for them...

The province of Saskatchewan is the only one which does not go on daylight savings time. When we are on it they are 2 hours behind us. When we are on standard time it is one hour. It must be interesting in Lloydminster as it is both in Alberta (Mountain time) and Saskatchewan (Central standard only). When Alberta goes on daylight savings time suddenly they are an hour ahead yet the Saskatchewan end of town is east of the Alberta side.

:o :o :o :cowboy:

Shoulda been 630. I hate staying up late

Hey it's the weekend! The perfect time to stay up late :smiley: - unless of course you work weekends?

I made it through the debacle in Winnipeg after a 2 and half hour delay and also through the BC game! I'll be wide awake for all of this one tonight!

I guess the CFL never got the memo that the world revolves around your preferences.

Im getting old CFF so theres a good chance i forgot to send that memo

Ive got my redbull and toothpicks in case the lids get heavy.

Go Cats!

Nah .....

        Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost tweet - 90 mins prior to kickoff
       Starting #Ticats REC @TToliver80 & SAM LB @Mr513RicoMurray are out.

Murray is a surprise to me.