TiCats Depth Chart\Roster for LDC

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Drew Edwards @scratchingpost
Also clear the #Ticats still looking for production from DE spot: Sam Scott the next man up.

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost
With both @speedybanks87 & @qmcduffie14 hurt, the #Ticats will turn to Cary Koch to return punts.

Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
#Ticats add OT @jfig305, DB Ed Gainey, DE Sam Scott, LB @MRBoom38 QB @ZCollaros7 to roster for game vs. #Argos.

Some interesting lineup changes for this game for sure

#1.........Bowman back on roster,but listed behind Lawrence instead of at MIKE
#2.........Gainey off PR and on 46 for 1rst time this season,but usually plays DB but listed at LB playing behind Harris
who is starting for the injured Rico Murray.
#3.........Joel Figueroa back in lineup starting at RT after missing the last 6 gms to injury,replaces Dile now on 6 gm IL
#4.........Sam Scott makes debut this season at LE replacing the recently released Tripp
#5.........Koch listed as primary kick/punt returner replacing Banks who goes to 1 gm IL
#6.........And of course the BIGGEST change of all.....Zach Collaros starting at QB for the 1rst time since game 2 vs Edm. :smiley:

The current 46 consists of the standard 3 QB's/22 Cdns/21 Imp which means that the two man reserve will be 1 Cdn/1 Imp.
Strictly a guess here on my part but it looks like to me that the 2 reserves will be Rockhill-Cdn and Gainey-imp

That is all,feel free to post if I missed anything in my changes for this weeks lineup
GO CATS GO !!!!!!!ITS TIME TO GO KICK SOME double blue BUTT all over the brand new THF :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

Some interesting things on the depth chart. Just a few points of interest at first glance.

  • Michael Coe gets the start ahead of Emanuel Davis at half
  • Marcellus Bowman is back on the roster but is slotted has Simoni Lawrence's backup with Taylor Reed still starting in the middle ... please lets not be silly, put Bowman back at middle backer
    -Sam Scott gets a shot at d-end ... I had no idea Antonio Coleman has been a starter since July, I don't know if that's shame on me or shame on him ... just kidding, can't believe I've never noticed him though ...... BUT WE NEED SOME PRESSURE ASAP, I don't care who is wreaking havoc but we need some sacks, and Ray is the perfect target
    -SImmons starting at right guard with Figueroa coming back to play right tackle ... Olson staying at the backside tackle spot ... must be the best Frankenstein creation Austin and Condell could come up with this week, shows little faith in our back up guards IMO
    -Koch listed as backup to Tasker with Ellingson getting the start in the slot ...it's a nice problem to have because I like all three of them ... I feel all three are great slot options, but I'd rather have Koch starting out wide if I had to choose, but Tasker is fine
    -The fact that Austin refuses to even dress another RB tells you how much he values them in his offense as an actual threat ... in a pinch throw Dell or Prime in there and you still have a solid blocking back so Austin is happy ... am I the only one who sees it this way??? I'm so frustrated with the lack of a running back in our offense, hope Madu gets his fair share of touches tomorrow

FInally, boy does it look sweet to see "Tim Hortons Field" as the location, can't wait, the stadium looks unbelievable and really is amazing up close, can't wait to actually step inside and take in a game in the new barn ... wish I was going tomorrow :x

I like our chances though, especially with Collaros at the helm instead of Masoli. This is when the official CFL season begins, and with all our East games on the back end, no better time to start moving out of the basement than tomorrow. This season is so far from over its laughable ... really, because the East is so bad, I like our chances at a home playoff date, tomorrow could be key in whether that's a EDSF or a EDF game we host.

Screw you, my list is better ... How'd you miss Coe going in??? Slacking something hard man ... what a mess yea mook

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Playful kibitzing! Perhaps the page has turned 3 times this weekend:

  1. Stadium-wise

  2. Player-wise

  3. Fan-wise

  4. THF I think is the phoenix rising from the ashes of IWS (metaphorically speaking).

  5. The players will have an actual "home" stadium to play in for the first time since Oct 2012 (has to affect their play positively).

  6. Finally two fans who were able to kid with each other without flaming each other. Another positive sign.

I fully expect a victory tomorrow and to be amazed 3 times this weekend. 1. by THF 2. by the players 3. by the fans getting along.

I pray I won't be disappointed by any of the 3. :cowboy:

LOL!!!! just remember 2EZ......I brought you into this world and I can take you out :smiley:
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Bobo, always remember


Here is a copy of the Depth Chart


Thanks Grover! Good to see Figueroa penciled in at RT.

Starting 8 Non-Imports (I refuse to call them Nationals!). Interested to see what side of the ball they choose to be able to substitute freely regardless of ratio.

Reinders & Davis are my guesses as far as the game-day scratches. I think Gainey dresses since he's slotted as backup at SAM & can play DB as well. More flexible with Gainey than Davis.

It'll be interesting to see how they use Bowman. Subbing in for Reed at times at MLB. Perhaps dropping a DB out & using a 4-4-4 alignment.

I'm guessing they'll make Koch one of the DI's. They can sub him in freely for Grant, Tasker, Ellingson or even Madu for 6 receiver sets. With neither Banks or McDuffie available & Koch slotted to return kicks & most likely one of the DI's, I suspect that they'll choose the defensive side of the ball to be able to substitute an import for a non-import.

Can't wait to finally sit in my seats where you can track the substitutions much easier. The game within the game.