TiCats Depth Chart @ OTT

Elliot in, Lawrence in for Speedy, Collins replacing Watt
Ex- Redblack Robinson in for Keon Raymond

Will be a wet rainy day

Interesting. Robinson becomes our latest to line up @ SAM, something he may have never tried before.
Is Campbell OK? To my knowledge, the media has kept his status secret since he was taken out for the second half last week. Might he be named a Reserve? If not him, who will it be -- one of the DBs, one of the WRs, or Wells-- scratched, along with Nevis?

I must have missed something. What happened to Raymond?

Hurt in practice , about two days ago.

Maybe our boys need to start wearing pads in practice? Seem to have as many hurt in practice as we do in games? And maybe more loosening and limbering exercises?

If you think a lack of pads or stretching is the issue, then you really have no idea what you're saying.

Honestly... they're the pros, not you. To think you know better is truly laughable.

Nevis a backup again. Is Atkinson outplaying Nevis, is Nevis nicked up, or are they resting Nevis for the playoffs?

Well at least you didn't call him any names this time. :rockin:

We obviously don't share the same sense of humour. No, I'm not a pro, but then I don't hurt myself practicing for the few sports that I still play.

I'd be interested in your theories as to why the Cats have such a high rate of injuries?

I, too, would be interested in reading anybody's thoughts on this. With so little information available to we fans about injuries, not knowing what they are, it's extra difficult to come up with a theory. If, as I expect is the case, most of these injuries are, as they say,"lower body" then I believe there must be an issue with the THF turf.

Each teams man games lost? Sounds like a job for our very own Fenderguy69 (We need charts and graphs :wink: )
Just guessing but I think the East teams have more man games lost than the West
Starting Players man games lost would be a very telling stat

Honest question.. why do you speak to people like that?

I don’t ever talk or type that way to sensible people. The least sensible are the ones who always try to turn their ignorance into a joke.

Good job Grover on the line up chart and weather report, hopefully the wet messy weather will hold out, we could only hope for a dry field and low wind??

Hopefully the players come together for this big game with some urgency and much needed desire and hunger to win, that would be a first in a long time to see a hunger & desire much like the first game of year when the Cats played the Argos at BMO. Masoli was the QB and we won big, our defence was outstanding especially Simoni Lawrence and our offence was on fire, lets repeat that style of play in Ottawa and start to Win again!!


Still haven’t answered my question. What is your theory on the high injury rate? What are we now, IR close to 50% of roster? Enlighten me.

Uh huh.. and you are the one who decides who is sensible, based on their posts on an internet forum?

Campbell is hurt and Revenberg, who looked solid at tackle when filling in last game, will start in his spot. So the two logical scratches look to be Campbell and Nevis.

Definitely a bit thin at receiver, aren't we?

That's the price you gotta pay when you have to dress an extra O-lineman. With Revenberg starting they need to dress Rice as a back-up lineman so rookie wide receiver Jones has to sit this one out.

The Cats have a total of 22 players currently on IL ( 4 on 1 gm / 18 on 6 gm ) which is the equivalent of exactly half of a game day roster worth of bodies not playing. Twelve of those twenty two would be considered starters if healthy. We're talking players on Offence like.......qb-Zach Collaros / sb-Luke Tasker / sb- Chad Owens / ol- Brian Simmons / ot- Jeremy Lewis / ot- Jake Olson and on Defence........lb/db- Rico Murray / lb- Keon Raymond / lb/db- Johnny Sears / s/cb- Courtney Stephen / s- Craig Butler / db- Demond Washington , special team aces like...Jay Langa / Byron Archembault / Beau Landry / Anthony Woodson / Shane Herbert not to mention key back-ups such as....rb- Ross Scheurman / wr- Matt Coates and de- Delano Johnson. It's quite the list to say the least and doesn't even include all the other players who have missed time this year on the IL ( Gable, Toliver , Filer , Gill , Aprile etc. etc. ).
The thing is though is it seems to be a recurring theme for this team ever since Austin came on board in 2013 and seems to be getting worse and worse from one year to the next. I wish I knew what the answer was for this MAS*H unit of a football team but it seems to be getting to ridiculous epic proportions on a regular basis with this squad.