TiCats Depth Chart @ OTT pre-season

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Lots of #Ticats missing vs. #Redblacks: Collaros, Gable, Toliver, Bomben, Lawrence, Chick, Laurent. Tasker will hold & that’s it #CFL #CFLTC

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#Redblacks QB Trevor Harris listed as starter for pre-season game vs. #Ticats. Could be a good test for DBs, if only for a series or two.

I'm a little surprised they would have Banks returning punts in the first game. Things can get hairy on special teams in preseason, especially with American special teamers in their first CFL game who might forget the Canadian rules in the heat of the moment and trying to make an impression, etc.

Another good resource. The 2106 Media Guide:

[url=http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.com/app/uploads/2016/06/23070417/HamiltonTiger-Cats_2016MediaGuide_WebHR.pdf]http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.co ... _WebHR.pdf[/url]

A few battles that i am very interested in...
Hill is listed as a safety. Excited to see this player.
Battle at RT will be fun to watch.
Looks like our import RB depth will be on full display. 2 good RB alternatives to CJ. I really like all 3 RBs.
And of course who will win or not lose the kicking battle.

From their published depth chart, it looks like the RBs are planning to open with most of their starters - getting them right into the fire. I guess this will give us a good look at our depth, at least for the initial few series on both offence and defence?

Might drift over to the Pittsburgh/Nashville game a bit more than I planned after the first quarter or so?

Good news - it's Tiger-Cat football, and it's on the air!

Yes , surprising indeed that Banks is the only one listed for returns as well as drawing a starting receiver position at SB on top of that . Kind of interesting and surprising also to note that the ex NFLer with return experience Jalen Saunders isn't even listed on the depth chart and obviously for whatever reason isn't dressing for this game tomorrow night . :o

The Redblacks are fielding a pretty strong team.

Another 21, also not on the depth chart: Tracy, Bentley, Dean, Collins, Stephen, Shortill, Washington, Chris Davis, Ethan Davis, Timmis, Butler, Wooten, Terrell Davis, Cooper, Lyn, Primé, Fulton, Scarfone, Aprile, Saunders and Atkinson.
Then, there are also Emanual Davis (suspended), Capicciotti (retired) and Mike Daly (?) ... all three not listed on the full team roster which accompanies the depth chart.

I heard that Saunders is nicked up which would explain why he isn't playing. The team will probably try to have him play in the second PS game - assuming that he is healthy enough.

Looking forward to seeing how these potential future Ticats perform especially when Ottawa is starting many of their first string players - most likely because they're playing at home and want to appease the fans! :wink:

Even as a pre season game, this still should be a test for the Cats against the GC champs, who on paper look like the favourites for the East.

A win would be nice for sure, but this is more of an individual test than a real team effort towards getting a W. My hope is that a lot of the young guys will ball out with their time to shine and because of that we end up on top.

Main guys I want too watch tonight are Swindle and White playing at opposite tackles, will be a good chance to see them on the field at the same time and compare their abilities. Also very important to see how Tyms performs after flirting with so much potential at the end of last year, and also Jones out wide as our starting Canadian, would like to see what he has to offer considering the severe lack of depth at Canadian receiver at the moment.

On defence no surprise all eyes will be on the defensive backfield. Depth was our biggest enemy last year after the slew of injuries, and it hurts my head just thinking of the same scenario playing out this year. Mainly want to watch Will Hill to see how he reacts to the Canadian rules/size of field at safety, I am still holding out hope he brings the same talent level we seen him play at in the NFL. Also want to see how Ellis produces at SAM, really not sold on him being the starter there when the season starts but will happily eat my words if he performs at a high level. Still believe Hill is destined for that spot, so will be interesting to watch if he gets some reps tonight.

Lastly, kickers. Oh the kicker situation, just praying somebody steps up and boots a 50 yarder or something to instill some confidence in the fanbase that we aren't going to be playing duck duck goose with kickers all year.

Other than those main areas of concern/intrigue, also excited to watch Golson under centre, and our first overall pick McGough getting the start at defensive end.

Best part is all of those comments pertain to an actual game we all get to watch. Football is back, how sweet it is.

:thup: :thup: :thup: I hope that there is going to be a game thread to share opinions about how well our "hopefuls" are doing - or not. They'll have a good test off the bat with the OTTRBS playing many of their starters - at least for a short time.

My take aways.
Kicking game still up for grabs and not for positive reasons.
I wish they gave Scheuerman more touches.
Jones and Faubert-Lussier look decent as National receivers as did S. THOMAS ERLINGTON at RB
Gary Chambers has some nice hands and Tyms looks bigger than I remembered, and Elliott just earned himself a starting gig.
Richard Leonard looks like he is a real nice player
Coleman stood out on the D line
I really like how the ball leaves Golsons hand. Real live arm. Really dislike the way Johnson delivers the ball. UGLY.
Masoli ended up 5-8 with a TD. Probably should have been 4-8 with an INT. Not a great start for him. I expected more.