TiCats depth Chart @ MTL Week 8

Pretty strong lineup for us.

Defence looks unchanged, always a plus, and builds on last week’s good effort. Tasker should make a difference on possession downs, plus he has the ability to get open when Jeremiah is under pressure, which, I hope, will reduce ‘hurries’ and sacks.

Lawrence has looked a little shaky at times, but that one hander last week was one of the few “wow” catches I can remember this year by a Cat. I think he is maybe moving onto a par with Toliver, but, as the veteran, I can see where Toliver gets the nod over Lawrence this week. Toliver needs to make a difference when in the game.

Big question:
Who'll sit out as the INT Reserve? Banks? Toliver? Green?

If Toliver dresses then one import has to come out. Possibly Banks (with his sore knee) or maybe DE Howsare since they currently list 9 D-lineman.

With Williams and Banks lined up on the same side, that is some blistering speed they have to deal with.

MTL has Tommie Campbell and now TJ Heath on that side, It should prove to be a matchup worth watching

Wish we would try another kick returner...Any of the below preferred.
Thomas Erlington

For Team Johnny, 8 changes from their last game, including 6 starters replaced -- at CB, DHB, DE, WR, RG and, of course, QB.


Didn't somebody post that Campbell had been placed on the IL? Can't find it now, maybe misread something?

He is listed on their depth chart, but, If he is a gameday scratch or is playing at less than 100%,
they are in BIG BIG trouble! 8)

TJ Heath has had exactly 3 practices with MTL since the Bomben trade

Personally, I would have listed Whitlock as a starter (unrestricted international) on defence so he can come in at any time on offence as a tight end / fullback without having to bump one of the top receivers. Of course, they have the same flexibility with both Timmis and Thomas Erlington, but more flexibility is always a good thing.

Prior to this game, MTL's 2 starting corners have been Tommie Campbell & Mitchell White. The latter is not on this week's depth chart and in his spot is Greg Ducre, who has dressed for just 1 game previously when he started at DHB vs. Calgary 2 weeks ago.

So no excuses this week! :slight_smile:

The D is solid, the O-Line is as good as it has ever been and Tasker will make the catches that Jones could/did not.

I will lose my mind if our kicker misses another chip-shot.

Really looking forward to some redemption and seeing Manziel play well in a losing effort.

My gut feeling is that, against our very strong secondary, and not knowing a full playbook, Manziel is good for at least two picks in this game.

I will lose my mind if balls keep bouncing off our DBs' hands.

With Tasker in this game, and assuming every man, woman and child in the USA will be watching (comeback$ZN starts here!), will we be treated to more references than usual to Luke's dad?

I suspect one Mr Black will forget there is another team out there aside from Montreal. Hell he may even forget there are any other players on Montreal. I will have the mute button very nearby.

I will lose my mind if our kicker misses another chip-shot.
Tasker will be back holding for FG's. :)

I'm not sure that will help Shorthill with blocking the guy from the edge

That's a good point - I had forgotten he was our holder. Hopefully that was part of the problem last week and we'll be back to normal tomorrow night.

Evans held the week before.

Did he regress in one week?

Glad Tasker is back...but can't blame Evans for those.

Keep in mind...if defensive backs could catch, they'd be playing receiver.