TiCats depth chart @ MTL Week 18

Fantuz and Saunders on 1 game IL

Richard Leonard: Has had an all-star calibre season and is second in the CFL in total Takeaways with 7. He has a CFL-leading 3 fumble recoveries for 84 yards and has added 4 interceptions - among his returns are two of 70+ yards. Leonard also leads the CFL with 12 pass knockdowns.

Brandon Banks: Banks' 2017 season can be divided neatly in two before and after June Jones' arrival as head coach. He has a current active streak of 3 straight 100-yard games.

Game Span- Tar- Rec- Yds- TD- Avg Yds
Gm #1-8 - 18 - 81 - 52 - 1 - 6.5
Gm #9-15 - 56 - 33 - 561 - 4 - 80.1

Three of Hamilton’s four wins have come on the road and the team is just 1-7 at Tim Hortons Field this season.

Larry Dean: needs 18 tackles to reach 100 on the season becoming the first Hamilton player to do so since Jamall Johnson in 2010.

Luke Tasker: needs 142 yards to reach 1,000 for the season.

I sure haven't seen this consistence in depth chart Players in quite a while. If we could have started the season this way we would have surly made the play offs. ::slight_smile: :frowning:

What "Collins" is in? Junior Collins, Collins Junior, Collins Collins, or Junior Junior?

Tom Collins Junior ? 8) :DIs it Gin yet ? ;D


I wonder if Fantuz is really hurt? Alternatives: out of favour / too tall, or coach just wants to take a look at Faubert-Lussier. (Did the "he didn't do anything to dislodge himself" test apply here? Maybe no catches last game was a dislodging event.)

Scheuerman at receiver is intriguing, if he makes the game day line-up. Obviously provides flexibility as a backup at RB as well.

8)It's Junior Collins in.

The other Collins, Ricky Collins Jr. was released a couple of weeks ago without even seeing any
game action !! :wink:

I expectScheuermanto play a similar role as Willie Quinn did the past 2 weeks with the added benefit of being a backup RB if needed.

Since Jones like consistency with his line-up, expect Emanuel Davis and Ben D'Aguilar to be the game day scratches for the third week in a row.

Drew Edwards?Verified account
#Ticats HC June Jones says REC Andy Fantuz has slight neck stiffness. Practiced all week but decided to play it safe.
12:51 PM - 21 Oct 2017

Drew Edwards?Verified account

2h2 hours ago
He's been practicing there for a few weeks. Trying to be versatile - hard to get two American running backs on the roster.

Sorry to see that Andy is out after waiting so long and working so hard to get back on the field this year. :frowning: Sounds like he'll be back in by next week though. :slight_smile:

My goodness Fantuz injured again ..they treat him like a princess.
I would have liked to have seen #84 Robinson in instead of Collins as we have seen what Collins can do and that is not much

Hope to see Collaros get some playing time

Have you ever had your knee torn up ? Fantuz has worked too hard to get hurt in a meaningless game . Better to be safe at this time of year . Being able to get your head on a swivel is a rather important skill in order to defend yourself . Those of us who have played the game would understand .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Absolutely Pat. People who make comments like Gerbear probably never played the game or any sport for that matter. Why chance aggravating an injury when there is nothing at stake. There may be something at stake for the other guys whom are out there "head hunting" to make an impression so why take a chance!