TiCats Depth Chart - June 23rd @ Toronto

[url=http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.com/app/uploads/2016/06/22110743/Depth-Chart-Roster-06-23-16-at-TOR.pdf]http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.co ... at-TOR.pdf[/url]

Key Takeaways:

No Ted Laurent. Atkinson to start in his place

Dean @ MLB rather than Hoffman-Ellis. Thought Alex had the edge here. Perhaps they want to be a little thicker/heavier/stouter in the middle without Teddy @ DT.

Corners are Tisdale @ Boundary & Pointer @ Field.

Scheurmann to back-up Gable.

Collaros transferred to 6 Game IR. Means his salary doesn't count against the cap for that time unless they pull him off early in which it would get retroactively added back 100%. (August 13th in BC is the 7th game. Bye weeks don't count. I do believe he can start practicing the week before he is to come off the 6 game IR. Will check CBA.)

:( Definitely a step down from Ted. It will be interesting to see how Steinauer handles this. Put reins on the DEs? Stay-at-home MLB? Even more aggressive blitzing?

Aren't Dean and Hoffman-Ellis pretty much the same size? They are according to the roster.

:thup: I like what I saw from Pointer last week. Hopefully Tisdale the ball-hawk shows up, and not Tisdale the DPI machine. :thup: I was impressed with Scheurmann's running ability last week, even if it was against Ottawa's third stringers. Remember, it was also our second string o-liners opening up those holes.

No surprise here. And as you say, they could pull him off the IR if he's ready earlier, although I don't think I'd do it even then. No sense pushing it, especially with the bye in week six. And I think you're right about being able to practice the week before.

Didn't follow the training camp very closely but I have a couple of questions.

Is Plesius far behind the 2 other mlb ? Where do they have the edge ? Physicaly ? Intangible ? Both ?

Is Perez-Archambeault really injured or is it a roster trick ? How was he in camp ?


No roster trick here. Archambault was injured and missed all of training camp.

Well, after viewing the depth chart it looks like two non-imports will be sitting this one out. I'm guessing OG Landon Rice and WR Mike Jones or (possibly LB Mitch Barnett) although I think Barnett dresses for his work on special teams.

Underwood hurt or just no room for him to dress ?

Underwood did have his bell rung late in the game when an errant Redblacks foot slammed him on the side of the head during a tackle (of another TC player). He collapsed on the play and needed assistance to come off the field.

His omission is probably either a serious concussion or just precautionary.

I see 21 INT players listed (12 on D, 8 on O, and Maher) meaning 1 of them has to be a reserve. My guess is one of Ellis, Pointer, Tisdale and I won't be shocked by which one it is.

The surprise, to me in this chart, is Scheuerman in, Woodson out.

I read somewhere that Woodson is "knicked up" along with Mercer Timmis. Scheuerman may the odd man out because KA has been known to "roll the dice" with not having an actual back-up RB.

Now that would surprise me. I think he learned, the hard way, that wasn't a great idea sometime during the 2014 season and I don't think they ever tried that last year. It looks, to me, like they're getting ready to run in this one.

[quote="John_"]Didn't follow the training camp very closely but I have a couple of questions.

Is Plesius far behind the 2 other mlb ? Where do they have the edge ? Physicaly ? Intangible ? Both ?

8) Yes, Plesius is that far behind the other 2 MLB.
   One is a former NFL player and the other is an excellent linebacker also.

   The big difference.....the Americans training and their experience at that vital position.
    Last season when Plesius was given a chance at MLB, he was a disaster !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Scott and Timmis are on the Six game Injured list. :frowning:

Would you trust Gable to stay healthy?????

Right ottawacat. One INT and one NAT have to sit this one out.

Is this a mistake or a premature declaration of Reserves for tonight’s game?
I see the roster, here on ticats.ca, has been updated since the declaration, yesterday, of the 46-man roster for Game 1 and shows only 44 on the active roster. The missing names, compared to the depth chart, are Scheuerman and Ellefsen. Prior to the roster update, they were both on the practice roster and they are both still there now. That makes me think it’s a mistake and just a coincidence that they might be, this evening, declared as the Reserves.

The CFL and TSN really want The Boatmen to win their first game at BMTO field, so brace yourself and have your favorite pain killers ready. :roll: :wink:

I think it's a mistake as well. The two players sitting this one out will be NAT OG Landon Rice and INT DB Dominique Ellis.

If you're recording the game, you might want to add some extra time for opening ceremonies. I'm adding an hour to also cover possible overtime. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who watches the games at least 2 or 3 times in the week after)

I always add an hour to the end of all games on the PVR just in case.

Also, for back-to-back games, I record the second game on a different TSN channel. Otherwise, the first recording cuts off at the scheduled time rather than an hour later, which means the end of the first game is at the beginning of the second. Not a big deal except that it misses "a few" seconds while it stops and starts the recordings - and the last time that happened to me, those "few" lost seconds resulted in me not seeing the "TSN Turning Point Play of the Game. ARRRRGGH!!! And then there was the time that I deleted all the non-Ticats games, forgetting that the end of the Ticats game was actually on the recording of the later game. Doh!

While I tend to agree with you on your two pickes for reserves, mightypope, I wouldn't bet any of my CPP income on it.