TiCats Depth Chart for Preseason vs TOR

NOTE - There is no ratio required in pre-season


ARRGHBLOWS depth chart

I need to do a little homework
R. Lawrence
R. Evans

And where is R. Matthews from the OLine?

June Jones: Masoli the Ticats starter no matter what happens in the pre-season

Apparently not playing and according to what I heard from Coach Sal on Ticats Today might be a bit dinged up.
I think we're all going to need a little "cheat sheet" to figure out who's on the field past the first quarter or so! :slight_smile:

Kanneh at CB? He's always been a HB or SAM. HB is where the best DB's are needed, so we kinda need him there.

IMO Kanneh and Leonard are the two best DB's, so I would expect them to be the 2 starting HB's in week 1.

Maybe some Glanville Mad Science?

Bubba O'Neil just said on CHTV sports that tomorrow's Ticat/Argo exhibition game at THF is close to a sell-out.

We all know Masoli is awesome.

But that place will explode if Manziel lights it up.

I'm with you.

First thing that jumped out at me was Kanneh at the corner and Unamba backup at SAM. I hope this is just for a preseason game; Kanneh and Leonard have to be the starting HBs, with Unamba as one corner.

I am presuming that the 'sell-out' includes all the freebie seats given away for this game. Cats going all out to present the best face tomorrow, I'm thinking. Lots of attention.

Or it's actually close to a real sell out because many fans want to see Manziel play his first ever game up here, live.

Veteran Players not dressing include :


qb - Vernon Adams
rb - Sean Thomas Erlington
rb - Alex Green (suspended)
wr - Shamawd Chambers
wr - Terence Toliver (Veteran Exempt List)
ot - Ryker Mathews
ol - Mathieu Girard


de - Adrian Tracy
dt - Justin Vaugan
lb - Terrell Davis
db - Jay Langa
db - Demond Washington
db - Mariel Cooper

If the freebies show up it’s because they are interested in our team and that includes Johnny Manziel. This is a good thing for the tiger-cats and all of us. If everyone shows up and creates some atmosphere it should be be more than a mundane exhibition game.

It seemed to me that most of Leonard's standout plays last year were at corner, and once he switched to half he was good but not quite as outstanding. I guess I'm thinking about interceptions in particular.

With all due respect to all CB's... it's simply an easier position to play than HB. Leonard is very talented, and I suspect that by now he feels very comfortable at HB.

Does anyone know what's up with Green? I hope he comes back soon. I'm just not sold on Whitlock as a every down back.

He's back in the US dealing with a family matter.

Have you ever seen Whitlock play RB?

I'm looking forward to seeing how he does tonight (actually Sunday when I get a chance to watch the game). While I don't expect him to be one of those breakaway-speed backs, I suspect he's able to crash the line to get 5+ yard average, which wouldn't be too bad, especially in a ball possession situation.

My biggest question is how well he pass-blocks. Anyone seen how he's been doing at this in training camp?

No I have not, but he will be playing both ways plus teams I would assume. He was a fullback in the NFL and I would tend to think he's a bulldozer which is fine but that style of play takes a toll

I'm hoping he turns out to be a George Reed, Mike Pringle, Jerome Messam type runner. (You never know.) But yes, that type of running can take a toll on the running back, although being only 5'10" it might not be that bad. And it also takes a toll on the defenders, so by the end of games, they might be a bit sore too and less likely to hit him from the front.

All the RBs you mentioned had long and productive careers. Big RBs seem to be what coach Jones preferes. Smith 228 LBS (But looks heavier), Whitlock 250 LBS, Storm Johnston 228 lbs,Taliaferro 232 lbs, even Timmis is 220 lbs