TiCats Depth Chart for LDC

A lot less riskier that when Austin ran things. He usually only dressed one back-up offensive lineman.

And no back up RB most weeks.

Well the starter was unlikely to get injured since he never got the ball.

When your starter is CJ Gable you should always dress at least 2 more running backs…

true lol

Anybody else remember the game a few years back where Gable was the only RB dressed and he got injured on the Cats first offensive series of the game ? We were forced to go with C.O. Prime filling in at RB the rest of the way .
Good thing that Austin never heard of actually running the ball because Prime ended up with a whopping 5 whole carries the rest of the game for a grand total of 17 yds on the night . :o

Amazing, isn’t it, that it’s actually Labour Day and there’s absolutely nothing from the team’s beat reporter on the game. He did, however, take the time out of his busy vacation schedule to write an article about Hebert getting a 2-game suspension.

Don't like it ? Then stop noticing and go start your own newspaper.

There was very little coverage. Even Milton was nowhere to be found which is odd. Very disappointing. I am sure if you were to start your own newspaper you would cover the most important game of the year.

Something must have happened between the ticats and the spec.when Bob young first took over they would get a multi page pullout on labour day.now I have to buy a Toronto paper to get cfl news

Funny you should mention this. We get the K/W Record, which is a “sister? publication to the Spec, owned by the same publishing company, and often runs the same articles. We had a 3/4 page spread covering all the Labour Day Weekend games one day, and a major column on the Hamilton-Toronto game another day. Picked Hamilton over Toronto by 8 points, BTW.

Maybe it is the Spec’s editor, and not Drew Edwards, who decided not to carry anything on the game?

The printed Spec always has a multi-page Game Day insert (12 pages this time) the same day or day before the game, this time in Saturday’s edition (since no printed version today).

Steve Milton also had almost a half-front-Sports-section page on the Labour Day tradition with much more inside re some hilite LD games over the years.

Teri Pecoskie (normally covers the Bulldogs) also had a story on the game, so the LD game hasn’t been totally ignored.

Not sure why Drew Edwards is AWOL ???

Extended vacation.

I only want to to know what’s going on in MTL. If he has to take extra time in preparing the story then so be it.


If not, he is credited with the 3downnation Hebert suspension story posted today.

I guess he could post that “remotely? using info from the official CFL site…

When was his last in depth Ticat article? Has he posted anything about Saunders?

All I know is that he REALLY thinks Manziel should be made available to the media...