TiCats Depth Chart for LDC

Full depth chart here

Arblows depth chart, Duron Carter is on it.

So Jalen is back, and apparently maybe Leonard as well (listed as a backup). No Mariel Cooper as he was replaced by Frankie Williams.

STE handling KR too.

Thanks Grover for being on top of this as usual.

With only Jordan and Ciraco still learning the intricacies of the O-line I have to say this is a very set group.

Probably the best starting line-up we have had all year so therefore NO EXCUSES! This is exactly what I want to see versus the arblows.

Roster vs roster and coaching vs coaching.

Go get 'em black and gold!

Can’t wait!!!

Should be a fun game.

Our Oline & Dline play will determine the outcome.

Personally, I’d like to see Masolli throw a couple of TD in the endzone, usually our recievers run the ball in.
(Hope we are not overconfident)

Here is what is a stake, things have tightened up
We have a huge opportunity here

These next 2 games can define our season, Time to take care of business!



I am so happy Cooper is out. Last game he reminded me a lot of Gainey when he was a Ti-Cat.

It’s rather incredible that halfway through the season and the 1 gm IL is empty . Kinda crazy when you think about how when Austin was here running things that the IL was it seems as big as the active roster on most nights .

I wonder if we’ll ever find out if there was something about the way he ran the team or the practices that contributed to the rate of injuries?

My guess: Not really. Just bad luck. Year after year.

I missed the announcement that he had been cut. And checking back on the Ticats website, there’s nothing there either. But buried in the transaction list is the following on Aug. 30:

HAM DEL INT Mariel COOPER (DB) The Citadel HAM DEL NAT Nicholas PARISOTTO (DB) Guelph
Not a huge surprise after the game he had last week. Can't remember how he did in previous weeks.

I really enjoy seeing Delvin Breaux’s name on a Ticat depth chart.

Yeah but there's still some turf monsters lurking around. Like the one that grabbed Chris Williams.

Cooper (& Parisotto) has not been cut, just DELeted from the Active Roster:

HAM DEL INT Mariel COOPER (DB) The Citadel

On the same day, Wednesday past, he was ADDed to the Practice Roster:

HAM ADD INT Mariel COOPER (DB) The Citadel

The club did outright release two Practice Roster players, though, today – INT WR Cameron Echols-Luper, here since the end of July, and INT DB Robert Porter Jr. who joined the PR on August 19th.

I always thought that those 1 game ILs ‘rotations’ were Kent’s way of manipulating the roster, especially when the WRs, and occasionally the RBs would play one week, disappear to the 1 game IL and then reappear on the active roster while another WR would go on the injury list. Must have played havoc in the payroll accounts!

Just a skeptical, suspicious mind?

I didn’t realize he had been cut. I feel bad now for saying I’m happy he’s out. I hate to see anyone loose their job.

Good news, Andre Proulx is doing the Rider- Bummer game.
He shouldn't be doing ours! :slight_smile:

Got the date wrong, and then didn't scroll down to see that he was added to the PR. Oops.

Over-all, I like the way Proulx’s games go, except there seems to be a lot more flags thrown, a lot of discussion among the officials after a flag (like, come on, if you threw the flag, you must of thought there was an infraction), and a lot of confusion among the officials and with the coaches. As a result, the games seem drawn out and the flow of the game seems to be interuppted.

Hmm … on second thought, maybe I don’t like the way Proulx’s games go, and this is why!?

not a huge fan of the lack of Oline depth. understand the point of having a surplus of Dlinemen, (especially with the 41* with humidex weather forecast) wondering why only two backups on the Oline, especially when we go with six linemen on occasion.

That’s the way it’s been, on the O-line, all year – dressed 7 every game.
There have been games when as many as 9 were listed on the depth chart, but in those cases 2 were named Reserves on game day. This game all 7, shown on the chart, will dress.

I know, and its been a source of concern for me all year. I understand you want more LBs DLs and DBs for special teams play (making an assumption here) I suppose Girard can play OT as well, but still just seems risky.