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One significant roster move #Ticats are expected to make vs #Argos: Marc Dile takes over at right tackle for an injured Jeremy Lewis. :expressionless:

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#Ticats roster moves: ON: DB Gainey, OL Dile. OFF: DB Page, OL Lewis. Both injury-related

Nobody said it was gonna be easy!!!!

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So, to recap, the #TIcats are going into the most important game of the year with a new QB, right tackle & boundary corner

Lewis didn't look too impressive last week on the play where he let his man get through to force a Masoli fumble, then stood watching as others scrambled to jump on the ball. Perhaps Austin was not a fan of that performance.

In any case, three of the five starters on O-line were not starting when we were in peak form this season.

Ya gotta wonder if Lewis is really injured or just being sat down due to the fact that he has been beaten like a government mule the last couple of games ? Hopefully Dile doesn't turn into "Turnstile" Dile on Sunday. I'm not going to lie here but that 0-Line as it looks right now scares the Hell out of me. Hopefully they can protect Masoli and keep him upright and open some holes for Gable in this game. I know I'm beating a dead horse here but I would give anything to have Simmons back and playing on that line.
I see the only other roster change is as expected Page out at db and Gainey returning to replace him on the roster as one of the 4 DI's backing up Murray who gets the start at boundary. It looks like at a quick glance that the 2 game day scratches will most likely be Nevis once again at dt and Carter at db.

Cummings, Laing, Okpa and Foley could be the game changers tomorrow. That o-line is downright scary and the one thing it seems fans are banking on is that the Argos defence sucks and is led by Casey Creehan, but if the Argo's d-line dominates the line scrimmage we could be screwed. A good d-line can cover up for a lot of ugliness on the backend by creating pressure and forcing mistimed plays or forcing 2nd and long situations.

God, that o-line is U-G-L-Y though especially when you got Masoli under centre and his tendency to make poor choices under pressure.

I don't think there's any question, on this roster change, considering that the last time Marc Dile put on a game uniform, for any team, regular, pre, or post season, other than maybe for a photo, was mid August 2014, when he played for the only time that year. Lewis must really be injured.

You have to question the thought behind the current player ability of the OLine. Can anyone explain why Ottawa has had the same 5 starters on the OLine for the entire season and the Cats have 2 maybe 2/12 players that have any athletic ability. In the off season that could start sooner that later for the Cats the number ! shipping list is young athletic OLine players. The big problem is the talent is not 100% for a plug and play situation.

The PEDBlacks "O"Line not missing a game and their 40 year old QB hasn't missed a game in 3 years. :roll:
PED's work pretty good :wink:

:x :x :x Andy on the outside again :x :x :x

Fantuz lined up at Z wide out. This may work if he runs a lot of dig routes or quick slants. As far as stretching the wide side of the field...not going to happen with Fantuz.

id rather see Grant out wide than Andy.. Fantuz, other than to block for screens, is wasted out there

Here is the Blow's team :twisted: Depth Chart for tomorrows game :

Possibly Lewis wasn't 100% in last week's game. From what Drew tweeted it was injury related. Really can't see them starting Dile ahead of Lewis otherwise. I'm hoping Dile won't be a penalty machine which seems to have been his downfall in the past.

You're right though about the OL - I think Filer and Dyakowski are the only two who have started all games this season.

We have no way of knowing if Ottawa's OL would have been as good if any of them had missed any time with injury. My guess is it wouldn't be as I doubt they have been able to build up that much talent in their depth players in just two seasons. Ottawa has been very lucky in sustaining VERY few injuries among their offense this season.

WADA you saying, Grover? :wink:

Ottawa does have some young guys on the O-line waiting for their opportunities to play, some do get shifted in. As all teams have seen, and what was mentioned, the O'line isn't a plug and play position. Some of the other spots you can change the formations or coverage to help out a new player stepping in. O'Line you're pretty much on your own, with a little help from the running back. Ottawa was lucky this year with the O'Line, who knows why is anyones guess, just the way it goes sometimes.

Not reflected on the numerical roster, on Pg. 2 of the depth chart, is a sign that the Cats are thinking, and preparing for, beyond today's game -- they've activated, from "retired," DL Antonio Coleman, and put him on the 1-game Injured List for this game. He "retired" at the end of September after completing 2 back-to-back stints on the 6 Game Injured List
Source: cfl.ca Transactions - Nov 14

Tons of players got moved to the 1 game injured list

15 MATHEWS, Jeff* QB
24 PAGE, Cleshawn* DB
26 MADU JR., Mossis* RB
27 FORD, Michael* RB
30 LANGA, Jay LB
48 MILLER, Kyle DB
50 OLSON, Jake* OL
56 LEWIS, Jeremy* OL
63 HOWARD, Cord* OL
64 BOMBEN, Ryan OL
80 TOLIVER, Terrence* WR
81 COATES, Matt WR
89 WATT, Spencer WR
90 GILL, Evan DL
95 BULCKE, Brian DT
96 HAZIME, Hasan DT
98 GAYDOSH, Linden DT

[url=http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.com/app/uploads/2015/11/14110650/Depth-Chart-Roster-11-15-15-vs-TOR-ESF.pdf]http://assets.ticats.ca.s3.amazonaws.co ... OR-ESF.pdf[/url]

Thinking more about the Coleman roster move, I suppose it could be the team just fulfilling some past promise, as the player, being on the Injured List for the semi-final, will get the $3400 playoff participation payment, from the league, as will all of the other 68 TiCats listed as Active or Injured for this game.

Of those on Grover's list, Mathews, Ford, Langa, Howard, Bomben, Toliver and Hazime were already on that 1 Game list.
Having completed their 6 games on the longer injured list, Collaros, Madu, Miller, Olson, Coates, Watt, Gill, Bulcke and Gaydosh were the ones who got moved to the 1-Game, along with new additions, to the ever growing list of injured, this week -- Page and Lewis. Sears, Hugh O'Neill, Archambault and Tracy are still on the 6-Game list.

The League sends playoffs Teams payments for playoff participation for 53 players and not more. A Team decides how the total is paid; a player who played for a few games may receive only a small amount; furthermore, players on practice rosters may also receive a small amount or nothing. The generosity of an Owner/the financial situation of the team may dictate if most players on rosters-including injured-will receive the total amount.

A team that has 70 players on rosters won't receive more than the team that has only 56.