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No Sink!! :expressionless:

Sinkfield is out - OUCH

With Sinkfield out, I'm surprised that Pilares is playing instead of Jasper (Junior) Collins. IIRC, Collins has a pretty good game at one point, and played fairly well when called upon. I wonder if all the extra time Pilares spent after practice throughout the season with Masoli has anything to do with this?

8) Now we have our own "Flying Hawaiian", Kealoha Pilares !! :lol:
   This now explains why him and Masoli  spent so much time together on the field after practice this week, working 
    together on pass routes !!

Pilares is also the back up kick returner, I doubt that Collins would handle that.
I would have liked to have seen Speedy in as WR and still do his Kick returns and move Fantuz back to slot.

OUCH is right :cry: That might explain why Masoli was still out on the field after practice was over throwing passes to Pilares. The only thing we can hope for is that he turns out to be a Black “n” Gold version of our very own " Flying Hawaiian " . It’s kinda typical though of how this season has gone for us when in the most important game of the year the team has to activate not one but two players off the PR who haven’t played a down of football for us all season (the other player being Troy Davis-de).
It’s also noted that Pilares is also listed as the second behind Banks on PR/KR on the chart. Anybody know if this guy has any wheels or what is speed is ?
Look for the 2 game day scratches to once again be Nevis-dt and Carter-db. It looks like the team will be deploying 8 Cdn starters (1 over the limit) as well in this contest. On offense : Filer-c/Dyakowski-lg/O’Neill-rg/Fantuz-wr
and on defense : Nadon-de/Laurent-dt/Stephen-cb/Butler-s . The 4 DI’s should be : Medlock-k/Davis-de/Caldwell-lb/Gainey-db

Sinkfield must have got hurt at the end of practice yesterday. :frowning:

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 3m3 minutes ago
#TIcats remove WR @Solo_Sink2 from roster, add Kealoha Pilares. That’s a surprise. Sinkfield practiced yesterday.

That IS a BIG OUCH, and a sad Saturday morning surprise, for sure.
Pillares though could be exciting. His talents may be very similar to Sinkfield's. He was a RB and DB in high school and spent the first two years of his college career as an award-winning RB before converting to WR. And, yes, he also returns kicks. He ran one back 101 yds. for a TD in the NFL. His speed, apparently, is most notable in a sprint .... described as very fast in the first 10 yds. He's been with the team for 11 weeks now and has been spending extra time, after practices, running routes for the QBs, particularly Masoli, not just recently.

Ottawa has no pro tape on this new receiver. He might be a secret weapon type addition. I like it.

Well I found some tape on him, check it out , this dude definitely has some wheels and looks pretty impressive :thup:

Kealoha Pilares- First NFL Touchdown- 101 yard kickoff.....


76 yard kickoff return.......


65 yard touchdown pass USC vs Hawaii......


56 yard touchdown pass USC vs Hawaii......


I think it's more likely Banks is DI and one of Davis/Gainey is not.
When Gascon-Nadon is in, they can go with 4 American DB's (with Stephen or Butler out), and back to their usual 3 American DB's when Davis is in.

REDBLACKS Depth chart for the EF..........

Almost guaranteed that Davis will be the "undesignated" international, the unrestricted non-starting international, given that he's backing up a national player. Although it really doesn't matter who it is, as long as it's someone on defence. As long as the un-DI is one the bench, any one of the DIs can come on at any time on the same side of the ball. It's not going to be a player on offence, as that would cause problems bringing Gascon-Nadon out for any reason.

Oooops !!!!! Looks like Bobo made a Boo-boo :slight_smile:
Yup yer both right it makes sense I stand corrected guys , the 4 DI's will almost be guaranteed : Medlock-k/Banks-wr/Caldwell-lb/Gainey-db.

No Sinkfield ? Last practice Mishap?!

I have no doubt and in fact I'm not really too surprised by this move. I remember seeing Austin's post-practice presser when Pilares was signed and he was REALLY happy that they had been able to bring him in. He said something to the effect that they were really high on him and had been hoping to get him under contract for a while. Pilares may not see the field much but one thing for sure - the OTTRBs won't have been watching any film on him! He'll be totally healthy and "fresh" too.

All the extra work by these players doesn't go unnoticed by the coaching staff and if Masoli and Harris or any of the other QBs are looking for someone to toss the ball to when the work day is officially over, they'll toss to whomever volunteers to stay or wants to get in some extra reps. Pilares was "one of those guys".

My guess is Sinkfield's injury flared up enough after practice to make it difficult for him to play.

Pilares?Sinkfield ruled out, Burris pops off before East Final
Posted on November 21, 2015 by Drew Edwards in FEATURED, The Scratching Post // 8 Comments
Terrell Sinkfield,

On the eve of the most important game of the season, Ticats are dealing with yet another injury to a key contributor.

The team has scratched receiver Terrell Sinkfield, who was second on the team with 1,030 yards and tied for first with six touchdown catches. Sinkfield suffered a lower body injury in the East Semi-Final win over Toronto last Sunday and sat out second half. He missed practice on Thursday but was on the field for Friday’s session.

But head coach Kent Austin said Sinkfield just isn’t healthy enough to play.

“He didn’t respond the way we were hoping and anticipating throughout the week. He didn’t really get over the hump,? Austin said. “It was pretty prevalent yesterday watching him practice and analyzing the film afterwards. He wasn’t going to be able to be as effective as we need him to be.?

“There was the possibility of losing him again and then we’d have depth issues and ratio issues. It just didn’t make any sense to push it.?

Kealoha Pilares will make his first career CFL start in place of Sinkfield. Signed to the practice roster in September, Pilares (teammates call him K.P.) has nonetheless developed a rapport with quarterback Jeremiah Masoli: the two frequently spent time getting in extra on-field work after practice (including after Friday’s session.)

Austin said spending time with Masoli has been helpful – to a point.

“I think it’s good for K.P. to absorb as much as he can without overdoing it. You made the game as simple as possible and give them enough information to be successful and nothing more,? Austin said. “K.P. has a very similar skill set. He’s type of athlete that we like in our offence, he can do multiple things. He hasn’t played so we’re going to see.?

The Ticats have at least three American receivers on the roster with CFL experience – Terrence Toliver, Quincy McDuffie and Jasper Collins Jr. – but elected to go with the untested Pilares.

Toliver has 13 starts this season and finished third on the team with 679 why is he out of flavour with Austin he s healthy?!

Also missing (although not as big a name) is Cleshawn Page, who because of his speed, was inserted into the lineup before the first game vs Ottawa to cover Williams. Wasn't a big deal having Page out vs Toronto but IF Williams should catch the ball (he doesn't like cooler weather games) we do need to have some one on him who can bring him down in a hurry.

I agree. I thought activating Page to handle Williams on the last trip to Ottawa proved to be a good move by Coach Steinauer. When you compare the line-up for this final, with that of the last game in Ottawa, we're missing Lewis, Norwood, Sinkfield and Page., replaced by Dile, Davis, Pilares and Gainey. Ottawa's only change will see all three of the all-start DBs in the line-up with the return, from injury of Jerrell Gavins #24. There's no way those changes add up to anything other than Advantage Ottawa.