TiCats Depth Chart @ CGY

Matt Coates and Archie back in
Jr. Collins and rookie Jones sit out

The Stamps depth chart :

[url=http://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2016/08/160828-vsHam-posiitonchart.pdf]http://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp ... nchart.pdf[/url]

Ex Ti-Cats playing tomorrow night include : #81-Bakari Grant-wr , #87-Simon Charbonneau-Campeau-wr
#16- Marquay McDaniel-wr ,#3- Tayor Reed-mlb , #20-Matt Bucknor-cb

A little shuffling has occurred, this week, on the non-active lists:
Golson , Aprile and Omara have all moved from the 1-Game to the 6-Game Injured List and Matt Uren's name is gone from the PR.

Good to see Coates dress for the first time this season.

There is a good article on Archambault and his recovery from a torn ACL here: http://3downnation.com/2016/08/26/not-j … -acl-tear/

So it’s not just Zach who has had to take that long road to recovery. Archambault’s recovery from a torn ACL did not get as much attention. But it was mentioned in that article that he was fine with that.

And after he lost 35 pounds, it could be quite good to have him back on special teams.