TiCats depth Chart @ CGY, big changes

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[url=http://assets-ticats.s3.amazonaws.com/app/uploads/2017/07/28111625/Depth-Chart-Roster-07-29-17-at-CGY.pdf]http://assets-ticats.s3.amazonaws.com/a ... at-CGY.pdf[/url]

IN: Ellis, Kanneh, Elliott, Thomas-Erlington, Conner, Eatmon.

OUT: Collins, Lawerence, Shortill, Fredrick, Lyn, Fulton.

Collins has looked good, Schuerman also. I suppose Kent is thinking that outcome doesn't look good, so might as well play some alternates? Give them reps at game speed. Maybe Jeremiah will see some time as well?

We'll know around mid-night on Saturday.

Elliot is a far superior receiver to Collins IMO, happy to see him back in the lineup. Hopefully with Ellis and Kanneh in the D will have some success.

For some reason other than Kanneh, our D backfield seems better and Dean taking WILL and newcomer Conner at MLB may be not so bad

"Larry Dean will move from middle linebacker to Lawrence’s spot on the weak side, while first-year Ticat Kavell Conner will take over for Dean. Calgary will hardly be Conner’s first rodeo, however. He played 78 games at linebacker over six seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers, after being selected in the seventh round of 2010 NFL Draft. He has 328 career defensive tackles and is also a solid special teams player."

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/07/28/injury-news-bad-history-stamps-worse-ticats-head-calgary/]http://3downnation.com/2017/07/28/injur ... d-calgary/[/url]

I am hoping for huge games from Elliot and Gable after being benched the last 3 games

Maybe Elliot was on the Eric Norwood plan. I remember a few years back when Norwood was underperforming, so Austin sat him out for a few games to watch, work on his technique, and maybe stew a bit and think about things. He came back better than ever and had some great games for us until he got injured beyond repair.

I'd still rather see Tyms on the inside though.

Maybe Elliot has learned the other receiver positions so he can be more versatile - one of the reasons he was benched for Collins. Switching Scheuerman for Gable was explained in Drew's article. With the two players leading the sack totals, Kent wants a better blocker to assist the O-line. Maybe this will also light a fire under Gable's a$$ and he will finally start producing...

That's a lot of change:

  • 2 starters playing their first CFL games
  • Another starter playing his first game as a TiCat
  • 2 other starters back in after being sat down for the past 3 games
  • A draft pick dressing for his first CFL game
  • a TiCat returnee dressing for his first game this year
  • 2 other first-year TiCats playing a new position for the first time

I'm sorry to see that Shortill's foot injury is bad enough to put him on the 6-game list.

And, for Calgary, just a single change. Their starter @ safety, INT Joshua Bell, is injured and out.

[url=https://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2017/07/170729-RD-vsHam.pdf]https://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/w ... -vsHam.pdf[/url]

The insertion of Conner and Kenneh, as well as the reassignment of Wooten to corner and Dean to outside LB, are good moves. Conner is a big MLB who will counter Messam, Wooten has proven to be a good cover guy, Dean is a fantastic player who will be very effective in blitzing from the outside, and Kenneh is an all star.

I also like the addition of the new tackle (Fulton was obviously playing hurt), Gable (extra protection for Collaros, plus chip on shoulder for being benched), and Elliott (ditto the chip on shoulder comment).

I'm still waiting for Tyms to have a breakout game. I hope it's against Calgary. Tyms is being completely underused.

I scratched my head a little bit when I first saw the changes at running back and receiver, only because my thinking is why did you change em in the first place, but that isn't fair the team hasn't won a game yet and Austin is still trying to find the right formula. While I didn't think Sheuermann did anything to warrant being benched, I imagine this has to do with pass protection more than anything, especially in a game where we may be playing catchup early. On other hand very happy to see Elliot back in the lineup, we need his length badly. He may catch just one or two balls but we need him to at least present somewhat of a tall threat in the red zone.

Absolutely ecstatic to see Kanneh in the lineup, truly the defence played so much better last week but they just crumbled in the fourth quarter after Lyn went down.

I don't think we are going to win, but I'm not going to mad for them trying to change things up a bit, especially when it's vets like Gable and Elliot instead of rookies.

The other thing that got Norwood's motor running was Justin Hickman coming back from Indianapolis just after Labour Day...amazing what competition can do!