TiCats Depth Chart @ BC

Some subtle changes on D line and in receivers. Probably to balance ratio in the case of substitution? I like the fact that the starting line-up has only a few tweaks and wholesale changes were not required. Excluding QB of course, big change in arm strength if nothing else!

I don't have a good feeling about this game for some reason. Maybe I was too overconfident for the Winnipeg game and am now overly pessimistic about another slow start against a better team than the Peg?

Zach should make a big difference in terms of ball control, stretching the BC defence, and time management, but tackling and special teams tackling has to be better. And taking the blocking and holding penalties on the run-backs has to be improved, if not eliminated. Got to have better execution and smarter play, or Buono will exploit us yet again?

Landry to the 6 Game. I don't remember him getting injured vs. WPG.
Timmis and Archambault come off the 6 Game and are now on the 1 Game Injured List.
Golson, Underwood, Aprile and Nevis on the 1 Game List.
Gaydosh and Collins likely the Reserves.

Good to see Zack as QB1 again. I like Masolli as well.

We will need to see good things out of Lee and Pointer for this game. Also, we need to hear the announcers say Chick and Tracey's names early and often and for good plays in order for me to believe in this D again.

What's up with Nevis??

I thought Johnson, the guy who subbed in occasionally for Nevis in the last game, was invisible. Hopefully he steps it up as a starter in BC.

I agree. Other than one game so far the majority of the D line has been invisible. Laurent is only consistent game in, game out producer on the line.

I see that we get to listen to the wit and wisdom of Matt Dunigan on the TSN coverage of Cats vs Lions. For a guy born in Ohio, he sure works on the "Lose- eee- anna" /Texas drawl . I always get the feeling that he's auditioning for a job at ESPN and here's hoping he gets it. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

What’s worse is that according to Drew E’s preview they got him teamed up in the booth with Rod Black for tonight’s game…Lucky Us !!! :roll: Gawd I hope that’s a typo !!!

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/08/13/preview-collaros-searches-zen-quarterbacking/]http://3downnation.com/2016/08/13/previ ... erbacking/[/url]

Getting used to games in the middle of the night with these two clowns

I find myself wondering about the addition of Collins to the active roster. While my first thought on the Reserves for tonight was Gaydosh and Collins, I don't see any reason, when they get game cheques either way, to have last week's international reserve, Underwood, exchange roster spots with Collins, who was on the 1-Game Injured List. Will Chris Davis, also activated from the 1 Game list, be the reserve? Is Collins going to dress because Tasker, or one of the other international receivers is hurting?