TiCats Depth Chart @ BC Lions

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IN > Gable
IN > Murray
OUT > Carter
OUT > Ford

Rico at corner? Maybe that’s to keep both him and Stewart on the roster against a decent running team.

In any event, I’m glad to see both him and C.J. back in there.

Is there any indication that Carter is really injured or is he just in the dog house over those those back-to-back off-sides late in the 3rd. quarter @ MTL?

Why is it that Rico Murray is playing Cornerback and Brandon Stewart is at Halfback. I think a lot of games Brandon Stewart has been getting beat out there by recievers. Why not put Rico Murray back at Halfback in Stewarts spot and bring in Donald Washington who played really well at corner. He is healthy on the practice roster right now.

It should be:

Donald Washington and Courtney Stephen on the corners
Rico Murray and Emmanuel Davis as the starting Defensive backs
Mike Daly and Craig Butler at Safety

That would be a very fast trip to the doghouse for Carter indeed considering he's only played 2 games with the team. My guess is that he is probably dinged up and with Murray finally a healthy go to finally play and the fact of the short week , Austin most likely decided that sitting Carter was the best way to go for this game. It is nice to see #0 Murray though finally back in the lineup and also nice to see that Lawrence is good to go as well :thup: :smiley: On offense hopefully Gable will regain his forum after missing the better part of the last year and a half with various injuries and put up some big yardage for us this game.

The team is looking pretty much at full strength on Defense finally and just in time for the stretch drive to the playoffs.
The offense meanwhile still has a few parts missing ( Grant,Figueroa,Toliver) but Mathews has now settled in nicely as the #1 guy and we have great depth at the receiving position plus Fantuz is due for a big game in his second game back from injury.
Hopefully Howard keeps Mathews blindside clean and improves over his 1rst start last game where he looked IMO a little shaky at times. Having Gable in to help with blocking though should help immensely in this game.

Carter was pulled for a few plays after taking those penalties but did return to the game. My guess is that while Carter was a good addition while Murray was injured, he doesn't know the defense as well and will have less chemistry with the other players in the secondary. It's good to get Rico back in the lineup! :smiley:

They may also prefer Gainey and Stewart for special teams.

LOL, I almost forgot about that...HOW does that happen to a DB??
it was a little perplexing to say the least.

On the first one he was lined up on the line of scrimmage opposite a wide receiver. A slot back between him and the linemen jumped off side. Carter jumped when he saw the SB cross the line of scrimmage. Both were called for offside and the down was repeated. He wasn't visible on the tv on the second one

It's now almost 1:00 o'clock on game day and the official depth chart is still not being shown on Ti-Cats.ca ? I always thought that each team had to post their Game day depth chart officially 24 hrs before kick-off. Wonder what the holdup is ? It should be up by now one would think. It's a good thing we have Grover on board in here who usually posts the depth chart ahead of time.

Here is the Lions official depth chart for tonight's game :

Thanks Bobo. Interesting that Cody Husband, who was with the Cats a long-time but didn't play much at all, is now a starter at RG for the Lions.

Thanks Bobo. Their DBs certainly lack depth. Dangerous

Yer both very welcome :smiley: On the subject of ex-Cats on the Lions it's interesting that Husband is a starter on their O-Line when you consider that he rarely started when he was here. The other ex-Cat in their lineup on the other hand is db-Chris Rwabakumba who when he was here in Hamilton was a starter who is now listed as 3rd string with the Lions. I have to agree with T-Fay that D-Backfield of the Lions certainly does lack depth and on paper at least does not look very impressive to say the least.

Actually it was posted, just not on the Cats' website (no league rule about that I am sure), but on their twitter feed (and probably with the league as well). This is where Grover got it from.


Thanks Grover for posting the depth chart.
6 hrs. prior to game time, it hasn't yet appeared under "Depth Charts" on tickets.ca

Allow me to correct myself -- "tickets.ca should have been typed as "tickets.ca"

I've really lost it today (more than most days)! What I meant to type, both times, is "ticats.ca" :oops:

There's a link to it in the main page of the Ticats site. Not sure when it was there, didn't look at the site until mid afternoon.

Is it a league rule that the team must post their depth chart on their website, or, is the rule that they must report the depth chart to the league?