TiCats Depth Chart @ Arblows

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Another new look for #Ticats secondary vs. #Argos: Brandon Sermons at field corner over Chris Davis, Cassius Vaughn still at boundary #CFL

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#Ticats starting centre @Filer64 back this week vs. #Argos after missing six games with an ankle injury. #CFL

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Referee for Sunday’s #Ticats game vs. #Argos: Dave Foxcroft. #CFL

Blew Team Chart

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#Argos have put their starting QB, left tackle and middle linebacker on the 6-game injured list. #Ticats #CFL

Hall back in and Hickman not starting

Speaking about disappearo acts, but what exactly have Ricky Foley and Justin Hickman done in the last year to warrant a starting spot on any CFL roster? Can you say "washed up"!!! One thing is for sure, the 'Cats don't miss Hickman, Hall or Bulcke this year like many fans thought we would when we "lost" the "big three" as free agents to Hogtown.

Both Hickman and Hall have seen diminished roles in Toronto compared to their time in the Hammer. Hall was a healthy scratch on LD. I wonder if they regret leaving now.

According to that chart, Hickman and Hall are non-imports. Somebody's got some 'splaining to do.

Elroy Douglas is listed to play his first pro game and, if he isn't declared the NAT Reserve tomorrow, he'll be the 6th of the Cats' 8 current year draft picks to see action.

8) Hickman and Hall didn't have any other choice, than to sign with the Argos !!
 It was pretty obvious that the Cats didn't want them back here, and never even offered them a new contract.
  Same goes for Bulcke.

   Hickman was at the end of his once productive career, and Cats had Drake Nevis to replace Hall  (at a much cheaper
   price).  As "mightypope" said, we certainly don't miss the 3 of them at all !!

Have you been a TiCat fan for 30 years?
I don't know how to link it to here, but the TiCat video crew has put together visits to Toronto by our great Cats of 30 years ago and the current team. Well done! It's available on the main page here (ticats.ca) titled "Hamilton @ Toronto Hype Video."

Not sure if this allowed but on sportsnet ' s page there is an article full of photos called The Pride of Hamilton. It discusses the city's excitement for the team. Am I allowed to post the link?

Dunno, but whatever layout designer thought it's a good idea to have big screen-wide photos do a gradual "Ken Burns style" zoom in and zoom out needs to be punched in the face.

I just thought it was interesting to see something positive about the CFL and Hamilton on Sportsnet as unusual. I'm sorry it was not up to your viewing standards.

I see there's been an adjustment, or correction, on the roster which first appeared, on Saturday, along with the depth chart for this game. Jay Langa was shown on the 1-Game Injured List. Sometime, thereafter, he was moved to the 6-Game list, which means he really is injured and, unfortunately, expected to be missing on special teams for a number of games.

All you need to do is copy the video URL, then paste it into your post. Very simple really.

This game will be a hard fought game and we better get ready for a difficult contest. Protecting Zach from injuries should be our number one priority after winning of course. We must play hard and smart as KA would say. :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

While watching CTV Toronto sports the other evening Lance Brown was talking about the upcoming rematch game between the Tiger-Cats and Argos at BMO Field and the fact that the Argos will be without Ricky Ray and also he spoke about the lack of attendance at home games this year for the Argos. Brown said that at least the game is against Hamilton who's fans will fill up BMO field or at least the empty Argo fan seats and make it feel more like a sell out.

Lets fill BMO with lots of Tiger-Cat fans and pull off another victory today, we have the best fans and a great team to watch and support.


I know how to do it. I just didn't know if I was allowed to post something from another site.

It's from this site. The main Ticat page has the same URL/Address, but just minus the "forum" at the beginning of the forum address.

Edit: To add to that... virtually every source of internet video has ample share options, so there is no issue with legality, since they give you the freedom to share. It would be an issue if you uploaded someone else's videos to youtube or wherever and there is then a copyright claim.

Thanks. I did try that yesterday and, for some reason, the link was only to the main page and not the chosen video.
Today, voila! And, I'm still not tired of the video.