Ticats Depth Chart....against the Argos

Glad to see Morreale start as slotback...and DaVon Fowlkes on Special Teams....

here's the line-up....any surprises you can see?



special teams

Go Cats!

I don't know what could possibly surprise us now, especially when the team is in audition mode.

It'll be interesting to watch Fowlkes starting as the returner.

I'm also eager to watch Clinton Wayne get some playing time. He looked good in the limited action he saw last week.

Adriano who?

Very thin at DT.

the 3 of them average 278 pounds.
that's not that thin.


Morreale was a starting SB last week too mikey.

and the week before that

and the week before that

and as I said, I'm glad he's starting tomorrow too.....the guy's a friggin' Hamilton trooper !....

Go Mikey! (I love that name) :wink:

Maybe I've missed something, but isn't it odd for Cotton to be backing up Cheatwood? Or is that just some odd depth chart thing?

It believe it is a direct consequence of his play in recent losses, caiteag.

The football operations people may want to put a “spin” on it
that it is a chance for Anthoney Collier to get lots of game reps
so Marcel Desjardin can get an chance to fully evaluate him.