Ticats Depth Chart 2021

So will the taxi squad be ending in a week or so when our border opens to americans

I'm thinking that you might be right about the 5 man being 4 Americans and Canadian LS Tom Schnitzler .

The rules for the 5 man taxi stipulate that it must consist of ...

  • One American O-Lineman / One American DB or LB / One American REC or RB / One American D-Lineman / One specialist or Global .

So looking at the 18 players we currently have listed on our PR shows that the 5 eligible players per position would be one each of the following players ...

American OL ......... Jordan Murray - t / John Yarbourough - t
American DB/LB ...Anthoula Kelly-db / Patrick Nelson - lb
American REC/RB..Steven Dunbar - wr / Marcus Green - wr / Papi White - wr
American DL...........Lee Autry - dt / Ronheem Bingham - de

Specialist.................Mike Domagala - k / Tom Schnitzler - ls
Globals....................Valentin Gnahoua - de / David Izinyon - dt / Chris Mulumba - dt

No need to make guesses. The following are designated CFL Practice Roster (aka Taxi Squad):

Jordan Murray
Patrick Nelson
Marcus Green
Lee Autry
Mike Domagala


Thanks for the list . Just curious though , where exactly did you find the info ?

If you could post a link or something it would be appreciated because I have looked and can't find any info anywhere about this .

yeah hamilton's own Tyler Ternowski was put on PR

Info is on the CFL Transactions webpage

2021-07-30 HAM DOMAGALA*, Michael K N Carleton Add To Free Agent

"Add To Free Agent" = means added to teams' regular practice roster
asterisk symbol next to last name = means added to CFL practice roster/taxi squad



Interesting . Thanks for the explanation and reply back :+1:.

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I was predicting, months ago, they might go with 5 American receivers in the main 5 pack - they have established, talented import receivers. A Canadian starting as the main tailback (Erlington / Irons combo), and 4 NI O-Linemen means 5 National starters on offence; and then they only need 2 NI starters on D (Laurent at DT ; Adeleke/Daly at safety) to get to the 7 only that most CFL deep thinkers prefer. If Van Zeyl is nicked/out I'd guess they go to an import OT, meaning they might have to start Ungerer at receiver, or use an H-back all the time, or adjust by adding another NI starter on defence (like Mason Bennett at DE, or Feltmate at MLB - both those young guys are potential starter material right away IMO) ?

Be interesting to see how much they deploy an H-back (lined-up at TE or fullback) on offence, as opposed to 5 pack receiver set; is a first overall draft pick in Burt going to play significant snaps in a game, and even if he does, does that mean Kalinic is now just a special teams player ?

We shall see.

The observation at camp according to three down nation was that Burt and Kalinic lined up as a tightend alot instead of deploying 5 receivers.

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Just want to add my thanks to okie for explaining how to interpret what's new, for this season, on Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings - CFL.ca
I don't think additions, or deletions, to/from team practice rosters have been included on the transactions list in previous seasons. It'll be nice to have that information available now, as soon as roster moves are registered, and also to have the "*" to show who's on the new taxi squad. We'll need to get used to seeing the new terms and what may still come when a player is moved, from the taxi squad to the P.R.


I thought that the '*' simply meant American player.

On roster lists, that's the common practice.
But, on the league's transactions list it's "A" for American, "N" for National (Canadian), and it's supposed to be "G" for Global. However, I see our Global players on the transactions list as "A" (Gnahoua) and N's (Izinyon, Mulumba, Whitford). ????


So meanwhile while we start the season with two raw rookie unknowns at the kicking positions , I thought it interesting to note that two of our former kickers are in competition against one another over in the NFL .

Liram Hajrullahu and Sergio Castillo are both currently trying out for the Tennessee Titans .

More here from 3DN...


I looked at previous years of CFL transactions. Everything including practice rosters designation is there until about 10 years ago. At the 10 year mark, the league records start becoming incomplete/unknown but adding to practice roster on final cut down day is present. This remains the case as far back as 1995.

1994 is the first year with any substantial amount movement listed on transactions page.

The CFL practice roster itself began in 1986.

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Yeah I went back to 2017 on the transactions to prove to someone that players can be added to retired list due to injury and not cause they actually retired . Since Ticats put Crawford on that list after his acl injury in Fall 2017 and he never retired.