Ticats Depth Chart 2021

4 guys on the ground doesn't show who lined up where LOL. Maybe Howsare was DT or Davis.

I too thought Mauldin was DE. But really who cares at this point.

Exactly . New season , new players , new schemes , new back-ups etc etc .

15 days and counting :smiley: It's time to go to Winnipeg and POUND the Peg !!! Can't wait :+1: :heart_eyes_cat:


Mauldin is listed at DE on the roster but in 2019 he barely played at DE he played at Backup NT , i watched every home game in 2019 from right behind the one endzone . Mauldin played at DE for only like 2 games in 2019 including half the game November 2nd

From today's "Insider Talk" on 3DN:

You media guys haven’t made enough of the Ticats losing Ryker Mathews (to the B.C. Lions in free agency). They have a gaping hole at left tackle.

Also from 3DN, "Eight things I learned at the Ticats’ open practice"

Learn the name Trevon Tate

Saying anything is locked after seeing one two-and-a-half-hour practice is silly, but I think it is fair to say that newcomer Trevon Tate will be the opening day starter at left tackle.

The Ticats’ offensive line had Kay Okafor at right tackle (in for an injured Chris Van Zeyl, who had a cast on his hand), Jesse Gibbon at right guard, Darius Ciraco at centre, Brandon Revenberg at left guard and Tate at left tackle. It’s a lot of change for what was arguably the best offensive line in the CFL in 2019, but once Van Zeyl is back, I think the Ticats will be just fine.


The gaping hole was certainly there at LT in the 2019 GC.

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I don't think it was so much a gaping hole in late November 2019, as it was more of a turnstile. :roll_eyes:

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No. A turnstile puts up "some" resistance.

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Van Zeyl had a small black cast on his one hand but was still pushing equipment back to the locker room after practice , its a thumb injury though so makes sense why he can still somewhat use that hand

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Tough to play ot with a thumb injury. You cant hold

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true so good thing Ticats have rookie / young OL who can play when needed

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That's what depth does

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yeah and luckily ticats do have depth at OL , lacking some depth at other positions

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According to the roster, only one Cdn receiver listed - Ungerer, Jake Burt is listed as a Full Back.
Don't know if that means that they will go with all-American receivers and Burt will be brought in when needed as the blocking back/outlet receiver.

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I count 8 players on the roster who were drafted in the last 2 years : Mason Bennett DE , Jake Burt TE/FB , Nic Cross LB , Bailey Feltmate LB , Felix Garand - Gauthier FB , Stavros Katsantonis DB , Myles Manalo LB , Coulter Woodmansey OL .
The upside would be special team speed . The downside could be inexperience at the pro level . I vote for youthful energy, enthusiasm, and Coach Reinebold . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (a beer mug half full kind of guy)


Mine does not stay half full very long. It usually winds up being empty quickly (especially on a hot day).

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Okay , I just took a gander at our current roster and it shows 55 players so 10 over the limit . So we still have some shuffling to do in who goes on what IL and for how long before we kick it off and go live in Winnipeg next Thursday .

So breaking it down the current roster shows the following...

... 2 Q.B / 23 CAN / 29 USA / 1 GLOB .

So if I've done this correctly then it basically means that at least 2 Canadians and 8 Americans will be moved to either the 1 gm IL / 6 gm IL or even possibly to this new 5 man all league taxi squad set up for this season .

By position it shows...

QB... 2
RB... 5 ( 3 C / 2 A )
FB... 3 ( 3 C )
WR.. 8 (1 C / 7 A )
OL .. 7 (6 C / 1 A)
DE... 5 (1 C / 4 A )
DT... 3 ( 1 C / 2 A )
LB... 9 ( 4 C / 5 A )
DB...10 (3 C / 7 A )
P/K.. 2 ( 1 G / 1 A )
LS.....1 ( 1 C )

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Hey bobo. Here are the rules this year for the roster, PR and TS:

So if you're correct on the numbers on the roster, plus the fact that there are currently 18 players shown on the PR a number of things have been done without it being reported as yet.

  1. We are currently 8 players over on the PR, so 8 of them have been removed.
  2. There is no listing for the TS, so your guess is good as mine as to who is on it.
  3. Three Canadians and either 8 or 9 Americans (depending on if the Global player has been deleted - not likely, as he is our only punter shown) have been removed.

I'm sure there are other things to be gleaned (and I may have miscalculated on something I just posted above).

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Okay the rule about PR restrictions reads as followed :

  • Up to 10 practice roster players can be added as of Friday , July 30
  • Of the 10 practice roster players , there must always be a National , If there are seven players on the roster , two must be Nationals .
  • Up to three Global players may be on the practice roster above and beyond the 10 players .

As for your first point about the PR being 8 players over and your second point about the 5 man Taxi squad ? If I'm reading the rules correctly I think that the 5 man taxi squad will be chosen from the 18 players currently showing on the list . That would leave us with our allotted 10 man PR max with the additional 3 players being Global giving us 13 total on the PR .
If you take off the 5 American players and place them on the taxi squad it would leave us a PR consisting of 5 Canadians , 5 Americans and 3 Globals .

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Is this going to be on the test ? :crazy_face: So far I have the Homer Simpson's cliff note - "Dead wife".
I'll be reading Bobo and Mikefrmthhammer's posts several times. Thanks for all your input .

Pat Lynch (older but not necessarily wiser)


I agree that the 5 CFL P.R. players are included in the 18 shown by the club as being on the P.R. and I expect they are already designated, within the coaches' minds if not, yet, with the league. It could be that the names on the CFL P.R.'s, of each time, will not be made public, but known to all teams. I don't think our CFL P.R. will be 5 Americans.
My guess is 4 Americans and Tom Schnitzler. Or, if not Schnitzler, one of 2 Global players -- Mulumba or Izinyon.

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