Ticats Depth Chart 2021


Nice to have these charts. Thanks Grover.
A couple of little errors on the Defensive Chart -- Joe Powell, released back in April, and Anthony Wint, who opted out of his contract in August of '20 and was never re-activated are both among the listed MLBs, and Global draftee David Izinyon, who is on the roster, as a DE, is not on the chart.

A late addition, to this post, a day later ....Other posters have since pointed out that also not on the Depth Charts are the other 2 signed Global draftees -- P Joel Whitford and DT Chris Mulumba.


Good gosh, I wouldn't want to play us. Especially on offense. I don't think we even need to dress a kicker :smiley:

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Biggest gaps based on this chart - starter level:

  • K/P. Not sure who these guys are. Hopefully there is a gem among them.
  • LT. No meaningful CFL experience at a crucial position.
  • WR, Cdn spot. Ungerer had two catches last season.
  • SLB. Not sure how many reps Beverette has taken - only 9 defensive tackles last year. Historically a hard position to fill.

Biggest gaps based on this chart - depth:

  • DT. With Wade having retired, no Cdn backups to Laurent.
  • SLB. The chart shows no one after Beverette. Surely the coaches will assess some of the DBs at the position.
  • DB. Beyond the starter level, no names I recognize other than Daly. We usually find good talent here.

Best positional depth based on this chart:

  • Receiver. If we do start a Cdn, that leaves proven starter Tucker as a backup. Same for J.Marshall, who has seen some playing time.
  • RB. Top three backups behind STE have all started games.


  • We have a realistic path to starting a line-up that consists almost entirely of veterans - many of them very high-performing veterans, and almost all with good knowledge of the guys around them.
  • But as injuries inevitably force us to move down the depth chart, our players are largely untested in the CFL.


  • I don't know most of these names beyond the starters, so my opinions are not especially useful.

Quick question... just learning CFL positions since I am a big 1st time season ticket holder... is SB (offense) like the NFL version of the TE position?

Still no word on other QBs signings which is a bit puzzling considering guys should be starting to arrive today or tomorrow for the seven day quarantine. In one week they let go Watford, and Hayden Moore and Jacob Knipp retired. Only three guys left to throw to something like 20 receivers. Hope they have some guys in mind and just haven’t announced the signings yet.

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Far from it. The SB (Slot Back) is an interior receiver in a spread offence. CFL teams usually have three SBs - all who can be in motion both horizontally and vertically before the snap (this is called "The Waggle").

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The SB is a receiver that is not on the line of scrimmage. In the CFL they can all be in motion in any direction before the ball is snapped and don't have to be set when it's snapped. They call it the waggle, basically a running start when the ball is snapped. NFL teams will use a slot receiver but only one player can be in motion at a time. He also can't be moving toward the line when the ball is snapped. All other players must be set when the ball is snapped. All the motion is one of the things that makes the CFL special.


gotcha thanks @shutt40

That Grover, thank god hes still on the team. :grin: :grin:

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The Brett Wade retirement is a big surprise . Maybe they'll bring him back or perhaps Nathan Shepherd DE/DT of the Jets is a possibility . A Canadian rotation of Teddy and ............ has been the norm but maybe the ratio will be impacted by some of our D draft picks in the last 2 years . Mason Bennett DE 6'4" 260 could be a swing guy for Howsare and J 'Gared Davis at DEnd . Lots of questions but we know Coach O has the answers ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Think of Wayne Chrebet or Julian Edelman as slotbacks in the NFL . They were smaller , quicker than fast , and had great hands .

Pat Lynch ( the old guy)

Unless my counting skills have gone haywire, I count 9 starting Canadians (2 more than the minimum requirement). Having said that, I don't think you would see both a FB and HB on the field at the same time, so that reduces the Canadian starters to 8. We also might go with all American WRs, so that would reduce it to 7.

We still need a back-up for big bad Teddy. Not sure what the plan is there. Hopefully all will be revealed prior to Aug 5. :football:

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I'm assuming they will wait for cuts to happen and pick up a backup defensive tackle. Maybe they can stick Bencze back at defensive tackle.

I didn't consider him, as he is shown as an OL on the roster. Looking at his bio, I see he also played some DT at Mac, so yes, he might be an option. :+1:

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Do you really think that a Canadian rookie selected as an O-lineman 45th pick out of a CIS school would be a starter on the DL? it's never going to happen. The guy will be a back up O-lineman in his first year if he makes the team.

I did not say he would be a starter. I said he could back up Laurent. Please do not put words in my mouth in future.


You said "he might be an option" I'm saying "no way" that a 45th O-line pick out of Mcmaster would even be considered when there are NCAA trained DLs on the roster

If you look at everything that was said in this thread, I started out saying

@CrazyCanuck1988 responded (suggesting that a "45th pick out of a CIS school" (as you called him) could fill that role).

I then agreed that he might be an option (meaning as a backup DT).

You then looked at only the last quote above and misunderstood, thinking I meant he might be a starter. That would be ridiculous, unless he was the second coming of John Barrow. Remember him - he was named lineman of the century in 1967?

Again please do not put your words in my mouth.


What does John Barrow from 1967 have to do with this? he was an All-American out of Florida and in an era when CFL recruited two way players. Many players played on the O and D lines back then.