HELLO fellow Ticat fans :

Just curious what everyone thinks about our DLINE :

Who we think will start and who should start
Who is best against the run and who has the best pass rush skils
Who is more suited to DT versus DE

IT would appear that these 4 guys below are our best dlineman even though we seem to thro KIRK in there at DT every now and again . I am curious what people think of each players and what their strength and weaknesses are ? I will put my thoughts on each player . This group still does not brig enough pass rush
Darrel Adams DT - Seems the only true DT of the lot and it seemed our dline produced much better whane he weas in there
especially against the rum . For a DT he also brings decent pass rush

Garret Mcintyre DE ( But plays DT) - This guy brings alot of energy and his engine is always running ..very good agaisnt the run too in my eyes ..To me , he is their best dlineman but not a natural DTR

Khari Long
It seems his pash rush is ok and he is good against the run . Not enough pass rush though in my eyes ...Maybe he can develop a bit more

Justin Hickman --seems a pash rush specialist but nto mean enough and not consistant enough on the pass rush
It seems he doesn't take care of the run too well and focusses only on the rush

Long, McIntyre, Hickman and Kirk will only get better. And Obie will no doubt have some new D-Linemen in camp this year to push these guys. I’m hoping for a widebody guy to plug the middle a little more.

I think Hickman and Long will be a lot better this year if they spent the offseason getting in better 'cfl' shape.

Right now McIntyre is our only consistant guy on the line, if Obie can find another player with a motor like his then we'll have a dominating line. You look at all the great lines they have 2 guys who are constantly bringing it and causing all kinds of problems for olines.

Eddie Steele will be a good one. Alot of people had him pegged as a top 5 pick. Kirk also improved alot last year, maybe Kirk can start for now and Steele can back him up.

Don't forget Demonte' Bolden. he started 13 games last season.