Ticats db Cooper

This guy got beat on 2 long tds and one shorter td and one long pass interference penalty. He single handidly was responsible for all of the esks 24 points in the first half. He was replaced by josh johnson at half time and the esks were shutout in the 2knd half. I think June Jones should have pulled him earlier. That was the worst db play i have ever seen.

We were talking all about him in the game day thread as the game went along.

We all noticed his poor play and his replacement by Johnson for the second half.

Not ONE of the TSN talking heads mentioned it at all.

In some defense of DB Cooper I think the DPI on him that resulted in EEs last TD was bogus. From my vantage point high in the south west corner that was an uncatchable ball. The receiver gave up on it and quit running. Cooper in very close pursuit couldn’t avoid running into him. The receiver then either fell off to the sideline (at the shmoo bench) or did a soccer move. Either way there should have been no DPI cause the ball was high and past the pair of them. Like I said uncatchable

The Ticats were high on Cooper coming into this year, and he is supposed to be versatile (can play many positions on defence). But teams now have tape of him getting burned deep repeatedly in one game, and will no doubt try to exploit him if he ever makes it back into the starting lineup (which I can’t see). Is this a case of a good player just having one uncharacteristically bad game? Glanville will ultimately decide. My gut feeling is that Cooper will ridingthe infamousGreyhound bus out of Hamilton sometimethis upcoming week.

But I believe on both those plays the D line or LB’s missed tackling Riley, he got out of the pocket and scrambled (almost went over the line of scrimmage) and then tossed it almost 90 yards. It’s tough for a defender to keep close to a receiver, see the play at the LOS , see the ball in flight then pick up the receiver again for an extended period of time. Ya he got burned twice but I don’t think he’ll get shipped out after one off night.

Can't disagree more on the "bogus DPI" call. He was stupid enough to bump his chest through the receiver, receiver played his advantage. Cooper made a dumb move.

Speaking of Cooper making a dumb move... that long TD... what the hell happened there? he had perfect position and had time to adjust to the ball, blanked on the ball flight and completely dropped his coverage. seemed like he went from tight coverage with good position, to 10 feet short having to make a desperation play on the ball.

So again I have to ask, “ why is everyone so in love/ enthralled with JJ?? If it takes him that long to recognize an underperformer during the game, good bye to any chances that we can win! Have to say, I think he is totally overvalued!

Wouldn’t that assessment and decision come from the DC?

I agree that would be Glanville's call . Wasn't Cooper hurt early in the pre-season? I think they were counting on him to be the third linebacker beside Simoni and Dean . Perhaps he proved that he's not suited for the backfield. Cooper wasn't the only defender struggling although his errors were so glaring, they were hard to ignore. Dean disappeared in the middle for most of the game . He's got to be better !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)